Friday Feelings

Thank the heaven it’s Friday! The week goes by so, so fast! Wasn’t it Monday, like just two days ago? It surely feels like it – though I guess that is a good sign! I am so relieved however, that it is Friday again! The week has been full of meetings and appointmentsΒ andΒ with my head spinning with a thousand thoughts at night. I am officially ready to throw myself onto the couch tonight and relax! It will probably have to wait a little longer though, since I am in the making-off some plans for tonight with a friend. I was thinking going out to a bar and sipping on some drinks – Β what do you think? I actually shot this photo whilst making some others of myself and my new leather jacket, so you can see a sneak-preview with this one I guess. I have no clue what I was trying to make, what pose it was supposed to be or what happened to my hair. I doΒ quite like it though in the end – it’s got this Rock’n’Roll feeling to it, don’t you think? This photo has actually been on my Facebook page since Sunday – have you seen it already? I will be sharing the other pictures with you in the upcoming days, so stay tuned on that one!

I love Rock’n’Roll! (That sentenced just reminded me of Britney and her old songs.. can anyone relate?)It is the complete opposite in regards to style and lifestyle when looking at my Monday through Fridays at work. However I love adding some R’n’R into my style when I’m off duty and don’t have to turn up to meetings. I like calling it my “rebel”-side – and it will begin right this early evening, when I leave my office and jump home to change into my weekend clothes. With that, I wish you all a great friday and a great, great weekend to come! xo




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