Exploring Switzerland: Isenthal

Happy Tuesday! Almost humpday and almost half way through with the week already, again! It’s crazy how fast time flies these days. Two weekends ago we went up to Isenthal for some hiking and stayed at a small cute little chalet (house) up in the mountains. There was basically no network and 4G on the phone was nowhere to be seen – I loved it! Sam’s father rented out the house for a week and we went up and visited him and his girlfriend for a night.

The nature up there is breathtaking and something I can recommend to everyone: especially not being reachable is what I loved – no internet, no problems, haha :) I also enjoyed some me-time with the camera outside; practice makes perfect they say (though I am far from it!).

All photos were shot with the Canon EOS R; RF 15-35MM f2.8L IS USM lens.

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