Early Christmas for myself

Happy Sunday everyone! The week goes past way too fast! Actually, I’ve gotten rather ill this weekend and have been in bed most of the day really. It sucks getting sick right before christmas. For one, the business is still running and work is not becoming less as of yet. Secondly, my mom and my baby Elli (my dog) came today to visit. Wednesday we will all be driving back to DΓΌsseldorf (Germany), where I will stay till after Christmas. Although I will be working partly from Germany, I am excited and looking forward to the family gatherings and Christmas. Actually, Merry early Christmas to me! I bought myself the new iPhone 6 (64GB gold) – so, so happy! Isn’t it just too pretty to bare? I actually didn’t want to buy the new one because I thought its not that important. But being one of those people that takes pictures whereever I go and who can never have enough space and a good camera, I couldn’t just not get it. I guess that’s what you do for the love of having a blog, too. Anyway, I’m really happy with it. I thought I would need to get used to it first but actually it’s quite similar (typing wise).

Saturday I will be taking my sister to Amsterdam for 3 days – isn’t that exciting? I’ve actually never been to Amsterdam (I know, so late!) and so I’m really looking forward to it. I also need to get one or two more presents. Do any of you have special tipps for nice coffee places, restaurants, museums or things in general that I just have to see in Amsterdam?

Wish you all a great start into the week tomorrow! I hope I’ll be fit again for running errands – so much to do still!




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