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Happy Friday! It’s weekend, already. Well, almost, I’ll be writing a few more emails but should be done in about an hour. Looking forward to throw my feet on the couch haha. The week has been uber busy, and I’m sorry for posting at all in the past days. Today I was in Liechtenstein the whole day for meetings: it was great though, exhausting but successful I would say.

Tonight I’m probably watching the Voice and might go out for a few drinks with friends. The weekend is completely unplanned- I have nothing to do. These weekends normally end up in spontaneous meet-ups and are much busier than expected haha. Will see! I definitely need to buy some more Christmas presents for the family- I promised myself that I won’t go Christmas shopping before the actual big day this year! Any ideas what to buy for dads? It’s so unbelievably hard this year!

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