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I miss you! I missed writing and I miss communicating through my blog. This week has been abnormally full – you might have noticed, I’ve been gone almost a week. For some it might not matter, maybe it hasn’t been missed either, but I surely, absolutely missed it. My days are super packed currently – which is why I call it a state of were my own batteries are loading.. I’ve been in Zurich all week but working on my schedule for the next upcoming weeks – couple of months, even. I will be in London next week for a couple of days (yay!), then in Germany at the end of next week to see my family (and go to the hairdresser), back in Zurich and Geneva the week after, in Vienna the week after that and then straight off into vacation. So, so, so excited about it – stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about it super soon! I’ll also try my best to keep up the blogging and hopefully I’ll be able to shoot some pictures here and there.

Another highlight for me has been the past weekend: I am officially an Open Water Diver (PADI – yea!). I’ve been doing the theory and practical in the past 3 weeks with my instructor and my buddy, whom I met at the diving school. It’s been absolutely fantastic! I’ve not only received the OWD but also the Dry Diving Suit license – meaning, I can swim in majorly freezing waters. Ok, maybe not majorly freezing ones, but I have been in the lake. The. Zurich. Lake. It was absolutely cold! The dry diving suit itself kept me warm so I wasn’t even cold on my body as such. However, we had to practice taking off our goggles and my hands and feet were dying of coldness after about 20-30 minutes. It is, in the end, something you get used to. The second day was much better than the first day – even though the Zurich lake was only 4°C! Below (and above) is actually a photo one of the diving buddies took – here is a link to her website with her photos (thank you!).

I’m really looking forward to the weekend. I haven’t been able to sleep in once in the past three weeks, so I will be in bed hopefully all weekend :-). I will most likely see a friend over the weekend too and I really shouldn’t forget my studies, but other than that I shall be keeping it low and lazy. Now I’m actually, literally, stuck on the couch – watching GNTM, yup, you heard me right. I used to watch it when I was younger, then stopped a couple of years and now I really enjoy seeing it again from time to time on my Thursday nights! Do any of you watch it, too? And then im off to bed – finally! Gd’night xo



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