A Fresh Start in 2022; we are moving!

You read it right – we are moving! I am moving, again! I believe it’s been 3 years in this apartment and I can tell you I loved it until the end. However, the space has become too small for what we need and where we see each other in the near future (hopefully with kids running around one day) and so started looking for a new place round about a year ago. Because I wasn’t in hurry, I took the time to only visit a few places that made it to the top of our favourites list and ticked off most of the requirements we wanted to see in our new home. The house we are moving to (yes a house, not an apartment!) has ticked off (almost) all of these boxes. We were lucky enough to find a sweet couple that is not only taking over our current apartment but also most of our furniture – heck, basically all of it! And we all know what that means? It’s time to shop again!

I do have to say though that I very much enjoyed our apartment and the furniture in it – a lot of it is rather new and we have been changing up quite a bit the past few months. Yet, the new house has completely new dimensions and although we could fit most of it in there, I believe it does not fit the character of the house. It has a different soul. That simple.

A lot of our furniture has been bought over the years from either Ikea, Pfister, WestwingNow, Home24 or some small little shops nearby. I tend to not buy overly expensive furniture because I always believe renting is not forever and I do not want to spend so much money on a short-term space. Rather, our dream is to buy a house in a few years (maybe 5?, if we can afford it!) and then splurge on real nice pieces.

Also, although I was thinking about completely reinventing myself with this move and going for a whole different style, I do think we will go with a similar style again. We both love the Scandinavian influence but also the farmhouse vibes and tend to go for a combination of the both (with a hint of modern from some pieces). Also the tones are usually kept rather neutral – we are talking whites, beiges, browns, gold, and black. Although I did have a moment where I was debating on buying a bright yellow couch: I still think its a major mood booster but I also believe I would get sick of it rather quickly. Likewise, I think these bright fabrics do not work with the style we are going for – it would need a whole different vibe. The house we are moving in seems to have a much calmer and warmer soul and I am beyond excited to decorate it newly.

One thing I just couldn’t sell though, is my beloved armchair. It has moved into this apartment with me right from the start and I love it so so dearly. Unfortunately, because our home-office room never really turned out to my liking, I did not spend as much time on it as hoped. So with the new home I am really hoping that it finds a better space and I can use it more the way I have it planned: late night readings in the chair, phone calls from when I am doing home-office, sitting in it over lunch whilst viewing our garden, etc. I just cannot wait! If you want, I am more than happy to share some insights into the new home once everything is coming together!


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