Happy end-of-the-week! Finally it’s Friday again – and I am oh-so-lookig forward to this weekend, to simply sleeping in and simply do nothing. Quite frankly, that will of course not happen, as I always have stuff to do. I am snuggling up with a friend today, having a cozy night, will need to work on uni today and tomorrow, am having lunch and or coffee with one of my besties tomorrow who’s visiting from Geneva, am going out tomorrow evening (Karma Kaufleuten, here we come!), and then hopefully I can relax a bit more on Sunday. The good thing is, however, I can sleep in. Yesterday it was one of my (other) besties birthdays here in Zurich so we celebrated quite a bit and the evening was longer than I expected. Waking up this morning really wasn’t as easy-going as I had hoped before.

My birthday was on Tuesday – yay to being 24! Though honestly, I don’t feel any different – and not to my surprise, people still think I am super young (often expect me to be a few years older – hopefully don’t look old though?!). Last Friday I had driven to Düsseldorf (Germany) as I had mentioned in my last post and stayed until Wednesday, so I spent my birthday there with my family, had a cozy day, and believe it or not – still worked and had my uni stuff to do. It was absolutely fine though, and I’m glad I spent my birthday rather quiet this year. I had made an amazingly yummy apple cake the night before, of which I will share the recipe with you in my next post. I only got to eat 2 smaller pieces (it’s quite small, though I guess my hips thank me anyway), yet I cannot wait to make it one more time sooner or later. The apple-season basically just started and I am excited to make all I can with them. Tonight I will actually work on a pumpkin-apple recipe. Can you guess what? I’ll surely share it with you if all turns out proper (crossing fingers!), so stay tuned on that one.

Till then, I wish you a lovely weekend! xo



ps. How cute are these copper squirrels, please? I am totally in love with them – and also got them at Loods 5!

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