Swedish Confectionery: Chokladbollar

Ever since I was little, I had this thing for Scandinavians – be it their food, their decoration, interior design in general, or clothing – and of course their warm and welcoming character. Back in the days we used to have International Food Days at our school, and since I’ve been to international schools, there were quite a few foods to display. I remember running from one food stand to another and trying to buy as much as possible – the sweets at the American stand were one of my favorites too (ah, the love for fruit-roll-ups!). All money that was collected was given to charity (as far as I can remember), so my parents were willing to spend aΒ little extraΒ here and there. I remember the Swedish stand always had their Chokladbollar that one of the moms made and I could never get enough of them – despite me not liking the taste of coffee when I was young. They were too good. Now with the Christmas holidays coming up, there is no better excuse for making more sweets. They are perfect for when you have guests over for a coffee or tea, and want a little something to serve along the side. Because of the perfect size, everyone can portion how much they want to eat (though I am never able to control myself!). This recipe makes about 25 Chokladbollar.

What you need

150g butter (at room temperature)
30g raw cacaoΒ 
130g glutenfree small oats
200g brown sugar
3 tablespoons cold, fresh coffee (I used decaffeinated coffee)
120g coconut flakes

What to do

1) mix all ingredients, except for the coconut flakes, in a large bowl
2) place the coconut flakes on a large plate for you to roll the confectionary in
3) Take out about one medium tablespoon of your Chokladbollar mixture and start forming a ball with it using your hands
4) Once you got the form, let it roll through the coconut flakes, roll it again in your hands, and add another layer of flakes
5) repeat steps 3 to 4 until the mixture is finished
6) Place the Chokladbollar in a fridge for about 20 minutes before serving for them to keep the form

Now you can

1) keep it in the fridge (who would?) for about 5 days
2) serve it with hot coffee, tea or a warm chocoalte
3) freeze them for a later use

As you can see this is about one of the easiest recipes ever and one simply cannot ruin it. Now, because they are so simple, I am always afraid of actually making them too often to later indulge into these calorie-bites by myself. Nevertheless, it’s a great treat to keep in the fridge or freezer to pull out when you have friends coming over on a spontaneous note.





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