Street Food Festival; Part II

Hello lovelies! How the time flies – it’s incredible. The heatwave isn’t over, not at all. I am back in Zurich now and today we reached 41°C in the shade. Now, guess how much it is in the full-on sun, even worse: it feels like 46°C (or that is what one of my iPhone apps said). I fell in love with the fan today at the office, which has been running ever since I entered it and at least cooled down the room to a nice 28°C – very refreshing when you come back inside after a short walk. Due to this heat wave I must honestly say there are no real updates here. I am struggling with motivation in the evenings when it comes to my uni work, as I would much rather jump into the pool or fill my bathtub up with ice.

I looked through my photos last night before heading to bed and found some more Street Food Festival photos I took, yet never shared. So I thought today would be the perfect day to show them, as I am lacking any better updates. Do you know these times where you just cannot be bothered to do anything, to even move? Well, I am right in that phase right now with this heat – though it should “cool” down to 32°C towards the end of the week. At least a start! Anyone else going through this heat-wave here? xo







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