Street Food Festival; Part I

Good morning loves! It’s been a while and I do fully apologize for that – I’ve been kept busy the whole past week, trying to catch up with work after the London trip, going to further conferences and meetings, started my studies again (so sad, vacation is over!) and was out all weekend. I hadn’t planned to do much this weekend, but as it always is: when you don’t plan anything really, you end up everywhere! :-) Or at least that is what happens to me almost every time..

Saturday I went to the Street Food Festival up at the Dolder (Hotel in Zurich) with one of my friends – though we didn’t stay too long. We walked down (big hill right there!) and enjoyed the amazing weather here in Zurich. After a lovely talk at the lake I raced home to quickly change and go out to dinner with two lovely friends that came all the way from Hamburg. We went to Razzia, which supposedly is the new IT restaurant everyone goes to lately. I honestly haven’t been before but I must say the food was amazing – yet, quite pricey as the portions really weren’t too big.

Sunday I went to the Food Festival again with another friend, who came specially for me from Basel to go and get some inspiration at the festival. I must say some of the stuff is great and I surely did get a few inspirations here and there (red burgers!), though I was also a bit disappointed when it comes to the trendy part of it. I always thought that Food Festivals are supposed to show the latest trend? I guess not, or at least, I did not really find any. I did see great burgers, lots and lots of BBQ stuff, quite a bit of vegan and vegetarian foods, yet barely anythingΒ that was gluten free and sadly the ice creams presented weren’t lactose free (same with the milkshakes!). Yet, I don’t want to talk it bad, because in the end it does have some delicious food if you can eat gluten :-)

Now off I jump, my first meeting starts at 9am and I still need to make breakfast – blueberry milkshake it shall be! xo






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