Protein Packed Salad with Edamame Beans

Hello and welcome back! The weekend, once again, was unfairly short – and, for me unusual, quite unproductive. After having finished my uni project on Saturday (which did take a few hours and a lot of frustration), I had my friends over for a girls-night. What started with a few glasses of champagne ended at 4am in a bar. Yep, it’s been my longest night out since so long, and I swear I almost died on Sunday from the lack of sleep. With my weekend not including a cheat-meal but rather a cheat-weekend, I now need to get back on track. Tonight I’ll serve one of my favourite dinners – my protein packed, super simple and quickly made salad. Lamb’s lettuce is currently one of my favourites – it’s got so much taste (a hint of nut) packed into these small leaves that barely any toppings are needed. Topped off with two soft-boiled eggs, 2min cooked (pre-frozen) edamame beans, some agarius (mushrooms), and a hint of olive oil and vinegar you can start eating after 10min preparations time. And honestly, 10 minutes is sometimes all I have. My goal this week is to try out something new (get out of that boring dinner routine) and maybe even prepare some meals ahead of time. Do you have any favourites that are quickly done, light on the figure (yes, summer is getting closer) and ready to share? I’d love some inspiration! xo




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