Pak Choy & Rice Noodles

Happy Monday! The first day of the week is already over – once again, faster than I thought. The upcoming days are full, full, full, starting with a meeting tomorrow morning at 8am (way too early!). Today has been quite relaxed though, which was a nice start into the week. I had my first blood donation today over lunch, which I did at the blood donation centre in central Zurich (here). For all those capable of donating blood, I really, really encourage it. It is being used for research as well as for people who need it – it safes lives and only takes a couple of minutes. The first time through they ask you a bunch of questions and make sure you are healthy (you need to pass the questions, ie no new tattoos or piercings in the last couple of months, no infections, etc.). The actual donation takes between 5-12 minutes at max, and so it’s one of those things that can be done quickly over lunch. Let’s not forget, it’s only 3-4 times a year you can do it, and with that, you safe lives! I can’t say it often enough, and it really means a lot to me. :’)

Now back to what I really wanted to share with you: Pak Choy. Many of you probably know this vegetable already, but if you don’t – I really recommend it. It’s so tasty, so healthy and can be combined in so many ways. I’ve been using it non-stop the past week in my kitchen and my fridge is filled with it.

I love cooking as you all know, but food needs to be done in a short amount of time for me. I don’t have the time to spend hours and hours infront of the stove during the week, yet prefer cooking fresh on a daily basis. Or at least every second day (in case I have leftovers). This recipe is, as always, gluten free, dairy free and super easy in the making.

What you need (for 2 servings)

½ onion
2-3 cm fresh ginger
2 Pak Choy 
5-6 Champions (or any other mushrooms)
160g chicken
vegetable broth (by choice)
150g rice noodles (or however much you would normally eat)
2-3 tablespoons peanut oil (or any other oil, ex. olive oil)

What to do

1) finely chop the onions and ginger and place them in a large pan with the oil and the cut chicken (bite size) – you can turn up the heat fully until everything starts sizzling and then make sure to lower it to half the temperature
2) place a pot with water on the stove and heat it up – add vegetable broth if you want – and cook the rice noodles as per instructions on the package
3) wash the pak choy and cut it in half (as on the photos) and place them on top of the onion, ginger and chicken (after turning these once more)
4) chop up the champions and place these on top of the pak choy – now place the appropriate lid on the pan and let it sit until the noodles are ready (lower the heat by another 50%)
5) once the noodles are ready (mine took about 15min), turn the heat off from both the pan and the pot
6) Drain the noodles and wash them once more thoroughly under cold water (makes them less sticky) before placing them on the plate
7) place the pak choy on the sides and add the rest of what’s left in the pan on the noodles

Voila, now you can serve the plates to the table (always good to use pre-heated plates – I like to place them in the oven for 10 mins at 60-80°C) and hopefully enjoy the meal as much as I did.

Wishing you all a great evening and rest of the week! xo




BTW – how pretty does lighter colored food become on black plates? These were bought at Ikea and are perfect if you don’t want to invest much into them (who knows how long black will look good on the dinner table)

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