My love for Brinner

Brinner – aka Breakfast for Dinner – might just be my next favourite meal! I absolutely love breakfast as you already might have noticed, but I could seriously have it for every meal: for breakfast, lunch and dinner again (ok, and maybe some sushi here and there). So Brinner, being a word I recently discovered online, is just about perfect for me. Almost tailor-made! Who said that you can’t have your favourite meal for dinner, too? I say you can – or surely I can.

Now my pride just went a little up last week when I finally, finally managed to make my first poached eggs. It’s no trick really, it’s absolutely simple but it always looked so sophisticated, so modern, so .. hard to make? Well, trust me it really isn’t and it’s surely something that happens to be on my plate every other day since then. In combination with some fresh spinach, this meal becomes a booster for healthy fats, proteins, Vitamin C and lots of Vitamin A – now I don’t know why I wouldn’t want to spoil my body with such a delish meal in the evening.

Now this little perfect meal was inspired by my bestie, whom started her own blog, bitesfortwo, and shares with us her recipes. She might not have everything gluten and diary free (she can eat anything – I might just be jealous!), but she has the perfect portions for two and offers some great inspiration if in need for a quick, nice meal at home.

The perfect poached egg needs only two ingredients

1) egg
2) 1 tablespoon vinegar

How to make poached egg

1) open the egg and place the inside in a cup (I prefer one that is just a little larger in diameter than the yolk)
2) fill a pot with water and add the vinegar to it – now raise up that temperature 
3) just before the water is boiling, it should be sizzling, stir the water well with a spoon until you see a whirl form in the middle of it
4) now quickly, yet gently let your egg into the middle of that whirl
5) keep it in the sizzling water for 3-4 minutes and then fish it out 
6) quickly let the egg dry on a sheet of paper or cloth
7) voila – now you can devote yourself to your Brinner (or any other meal, of course!) 

Personally, I am quite boring with the spinach. I love having it more or less “natural” and steamed – with no added herbs at all. The salt and pepper for the egg is usually enough and, as nasty as it sounds – I love breaking the egg to have the yolk glide over the spinach to mix it all up – so good!

Now all this made me really get in the mood for a nice brinner (ha, my new favorite word!) at home tonight – what do you think of breakfasts for dinner? With that, I wish you a great continuing day! xo



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