Guiltfree Chocolate Mousse (GF, DF)

It’s FriYay – literally, I had the day off (long Easter weekend)! Ok, it might have not been as special for me this time as I was off the whole week (remember surgery on Tuesday). It was however lovely to have the whole family around today, were no one had to work. Despite that I shouldn’t be using my right wrist at all, I cannot keep myself out of the kitchen at the moment – I am so into trying out new recipes and cooking! Today we had amazing spring rolls with a delicious peanut-butter sauce to it (photo on Instagram), which was a new recipe I tried out with my mother – and, it was a huge success. So I will definitely do that one again and present it to you with a step-by-step recipe. We also just had dinner: asparagus risotto – it was absolutely delicious! As you can tell, my day has been lazy and all about food! Thankfully we also went out for a long walk with the dog, so with that I hope to not be rolling around next week from all this eating haha :-).

This guilt-free chocolate mousse is everything:
a chocolate haven

Yep, it literally is healthy. Not only gluten free and diary free, but also free from any kind of sugar (except for natural fruit sugar). So here is what you need for this easy 30-second dessert:

1 banana
1 avocado
1 tablespoon cacao powder (the raw, dark chocolate one – with no added sugars)

All you need to do is blend those three ingredients together and what you end up with is a cream of heaven – fill in into a glass and add some toppings. I decided on some fresh fruits! If you do want it a little sweeter, it is always possible to add in a tablespoon of agave syrup or honey – though the banana should do it’s work in sweetening. These ingredients make two portions (or I guess one, if really hungry) – and the below mason jar shows one portion only.

Now it’s time to continue my readings for uni and then I want to choose some last recipes for Easter Sunday & Monday – anyone have ideas on what to cook/bake?

Till then, I wish you all a great, lovely long weekend! xo






Side note: What is with all the killings lately? Everyday I watch the news and everyday something else horrible happened. 147 students got killed in Kenya yesterday – students! This is horrible and absolutely not understandable to me, at all! I am so appreciative of the life I can live, being able to go out of my house without having to live in fear – but the things happening around the globe (wars, killings, torture,..) … I have no words for it! :'( 


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