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Happy Tuesday everyone! Can a tuesday even be THATΒ happy, haha? I believe everyday should be enjoyed and every moment cherished, if possible. Sounds cheesy I know, but in the end: we only live once! Last week I bought two new recipe books to get some more inspiration in the kitchen. I love cooking and baking, but it’s gotten all a little bit more complicated since I not only have to avoid lactose, but also gluten since a couple of months now. However, I quickly found out that there are so many substitudes for the things I shouldn’t be eating. And to be honest, I still eat dark chocolate from time to time – I just can’t say no sometimes! These are two german recipe books, but maybe they can also be found in english. Either way, I have to say I am amazed by the recipe choices I have. And it’s super fun, I get to try out so much new stuff in the kitchen! With Christmas right around the corner the baking season begins again, so I’ve picked out some amazing marzipan-almond cookie recipes, which I will be trying out within the next few days. I will definetely keep you posted on recipes I find and the ones I try making on my own (if good, haha!).

See those jars of apple-sauce in the background? Amazing, I tell ya! I just made them a few days ago, so this super-easy recipe will be following soon. I am constantly looking for new recipes to try out, now that I cannot eat everything anymore in huge portions, so I am happy about any tipp you guys have for me. Also, I just got a gluten-free bread, which I ordered from the bakery – not bad at all!

I actually just had some gluten-free porridge topped with applesauce for breakfast – super yummy. Now off to the first meetingΒ in a few minutes, I’ve got quite the busy schedule this week again. Luckily for me, some lunches and dinners are included. So I can easily order my food and do not have to cook all too much this week!





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