Gluten & Lactose free ‘Zimtsterne’

It’s so late – and I only finished baking! I made two different cookie types, one of which are called ‘Zimtsterne’ in German. They are not only amazingly tasty (if I may say so), but also gluten and lactose free – which is one of the things I need to make sure since a couple of months. I always thought there are so many things I cannot eat anymore – that I won’t be able to bake anymore. I was wrong, and I am so happy about that haha!

The cookies are super easy to make and perfect as either a DIY little gift or just for eating-reasons. I made quite a few for the family to eat tomorrow and for my grandparents to take a bunch home – it’s one of their favourites.

Here is what you need:
– 500g finely ground almonds
– 300g powder sugar
– 1 pack vanilla sugar
– 2 teaspoons cinnamon
– 3 egg whites


Start by mixing the ground almonds, together with the 200g of powdered sugar and the cinnamon in a large bowl. Once mixed well, whisk 2 egg whites in a separate bowl until fully stiff. Now mix the egg white with the powder mixture (in the other large bowl) until you have a nice dough – don’t worry, should it feel too sticky or take a little more time. Once you’ve gotten that sticky texture, wrap the dough inΒ plastic foil and lay it in the fridge (at least 30 minutes). You’re already done with the the first part!


After the dough has cooled and feels a little more stiff, you can start rolling it out. Make sure that itΒ is evenly rolled out and around 1 cm thick. Instead of rolling the dough out onΒ flour (in case you don’t have a non-sticky rolling matt), use a little powdered sugar. This will take away the stickiness, makes them a little sweeter and you can easily stamp out the star-cookies.

Once all cookies are laid out on baking parchment, you can start making the topping. Use 1 egg white and add 100g of powdered sugar to it. Mix it well, until you have a nail-polish like texture (if you know what I mean). Using either a basting brush or a small spoon, carefully cover the stars.

Heat the oven to 150Β°C (around 300 degrees fahrenheit) and place one baking tray after another into the fully heated oven. The cookies should be placed in the middle of the oven and will need to bake 12-14 minutes. The top will start becoming slightly yellow/brown, due to the sugar caramelising. The cookies however will stay slightly soft on the inside – absolutely perfect. Make sure to let them cool off properly, before putting them away. If you want to eat it right away – they are delicious when still warm!

Et voila, here you have your ‘Zimtsterne’! Enjoy xo



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