Chipotle Summer Salad

Chipotle! Oh, it’s when I hear that word I already start drewling and simultaneously digging up my memories from San Diego & LA from three years ago. Time passes way too quickly – really in the mood for flying over to LA again, to explore some more of that city and eat myself through all the wonderful restaurants and coffee houses. But I don’t want to dwell in the past, so instead, I’ve made my own chipotle salad the other day – warning; deliciousness has the potential to overwhelm!



What you see here in one bambus bowl, is actually a recipe for two hungry people – I got so into the whole decoration that I made way too much to possibly eat and so packed the rest for the next day (lunch).

What you see here are some delicious layers of

1) cooked wild rice (cooled down)
2) about 200g of minced beef
(pre-cooked with salt, pepper, and lots of chili & fresh herbs – depending on preference)
3) ½ of a small lettuce head
4) 1 small can of red beans
5) 1 small can of pre-cooked corn
6) homemade guacamole
(1 ripe avocado smashed, juice of ½ lemon, pepper, salt, chili as per taste)
7) a handful of mixed cherry tomatoes 

Voila! The dish is made super, super fast since all you need to do is pre-cook the rice (I thank my rice-cooking machine) and the meat. Upon preference, one can have both of these ingredients warm when making the salad, yet I preferred everything cooled down as we had a heat-wave running over Zurich and on those days there is nothing better than a cold salad in my mind. Also, once cooled down the dish is perfect for taking to work (or school) or even keeping it for the next night.

My next add-on: roll it up! I imagine the above ingredients fitting perfectly into a burrito and thus making a chipotle burrito to either eat at home or when on-the-go. I’ll definetly try that idea soon with some glutenfree homemade burritos soon!

With that – I wish you all a great Sunday and happy cooking! xo




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