Breakfast made with Love

Good morning loves! How cute is this toast? I recently saw a similar bread photo on Pinterest and decided to re-create my own little toast for breakfast. Now that I can finally eat again (after the tonsil surgery), I try to enjoy weekend breakfasts even more – you know it’s my favorite meal of the day. Really though, it usually turns out to be a brunch. This weekend I served a heart-toast, one with avoado and my new favorite morning drink; a matcha latte. I don’t know how I missed out on this matcha the whole of last year – I swear I had tried it earlier but really must have messed it up (or so my memories tell me).

I think this little breakfast is also the perfect surprise for a loved one – be it the partner, family members, best friends, or anyone dear. And speaking of loved ones, I think it’s a great little surprise for the upcoming Valentines Day – and it takes no effort at all. Of course it would make sense to make sure the loved one likes toast. And egg – but you get the idea I’m after. Speaking of Valentines – I hear so many opinions and have had so many debates. Numerous couples ignore the day because its “just like any other” – but (usually the girls) complain they didnt get anything. Some fully work it like their lives depend on it (does it, really?) and others, well they hate it because they aint in a relationship (or so I assume, usually). With February right around the corner, and thus Valentines, I have had this conversation over and over in my friends-circle. I came to the conclusion that I do like the day – I like having those little life excuses to giveΒ a little extra portion of love, but I don’t think people should reduce it to that day in the year. Nor make it the most special love-day of the year – because really – I feel blessed daily to have my loved ones around me (or reachable via phone). And with loved ones I include everyone dear to me – my closest friends, relationships and family members. With so much negativity going on in this world, I wish everyone would celebrate Valentines day – just imagine a day of peace and love. Without wanting to sound like a hippie.

Either way – I’m off to starting a super busy week (which I will throw out there in parts via snapchat – @stylephantom). Have a lovely Monday! xo


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