Bean salad with pears

Happy Wednesday loves! I finally have a new post with you that isn’t filled with iPhone photos. Last night I made a bean salad with pears – a family recipe that we’ve been doing for years. I love, love, love salads of all kinds in summer and when I saw the beans the other day at the supermarket I couldn’t resist but buy them to make a different kind of salad for the evening.


Here is what you need for the salad

500g of fresh beans
1 onion
a handful of cherry tomatoes
2 pears

and this is what you need for the salad dressing

¼ of the previously mentioned onion
1 teaspoon vegetable broth
hot mustard
lemon juice
agave syrup


Preparing the salad

1) cut the ends off the beans, wash them and place them in the pot to steam them (for about 20 minutes)
2) quarter the tomatoes, cut the pears and onion

Making the salad dressing

1) boil some water
2) place a teaspoon of vegetable broth in a shot glass (or similar size) and fill it with boiling water
3) place about ¼ of the onion into a small bowl and top it with the hot vegetable broth
4) add about 1 tablespoon hot mustard (or less if you do not like it spicy), as well as 1 teaspoon of agave syrup
5) mix up everything and add in about 1 tablespoon of balsamico – now taste the dressing, and add some fresh lemon juice until you find your perfect taste of it

Once the beans are ready and cooked

1) pour off the water
2) rinse the beans with ice-cold water and let them cool off for a while (let’s give them 15 minutes)
3) place them in a large bowl and add the ¾ left onion, the cut pears and tomatoes
4) now it’s time to add the dressing – and mix it well

I would let it sit for another 15 minutes, then stir the whole salad once more and give it another short sit. The lonoger you wait (1-2 hours), the better it will taste.

Voila – now it’s time to serve the salad with whatever pleases you most. The salad was made for two this evening, though we have another portion which can be eaten tomorrow. The salad will last you a couple of days if placed in the fridge, though I personally only eat things for (max.) 2 days in a row.

As you can see in my last post (sorry – it got a little dark then), I’ve added some meat to the dinner. It always gives me this extra bit of satisfaction when it comes to food.

Now it’s your time! Have you made bean salad before, or do you have different ingredients to it? Wishing you all a lovely continuing day. xo




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