Avocado, all day err’day

Today’s been a really busy day – I was at the office the whole day, had my dinner, need to pack still for leaving to Germany tomorrow, and finish off my Wednesdays’ essay until midnight. Fingers crossed that it’ll turn out well! But let’s talk about my love:

My love for avocado – when it comes to food – is indescribable. I’m back into my lovely routine, were I eat Β½ an avocado either every morning or evening. This time I put some avocado on rice crips (cracker?), added a slice of ham (chicken) and added a strawberry – which is usually my breakfast. Since breakfast is my fav’ meal of the day, I love having it for dinner again. Really wouldn’t mind it for lunch either, and snacks while we’re at it. Can I just have a breakfast for every meal of the day – pretty please? As I couldn’t resist to have another breakfast, I had it again for dinner – this time with a side salad topped off with some fresh berries.

And as previously mentioned – I am still busy for the rest of the night with typing up the essay and packing for tomorrow. Hence – I’ll need to concentrate on those things again. I’ll surely try updating over the weekend – planning on taking some pictures in Germany and sharing these with you on the go! Till then, I wish you a great continuing week! xo



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