3-2-1 Zucchini

Happy Sunday! Another week has gone by and we’ve passed the first weekend of june already – how did that happen so quickly? I swear that the older we get, the faster time seems to fly. It’s so important to sometimes just stop everything and enjoy the moment. Far away from my dinner servings I’ve had the past week. Work has swamped me once again and the studying that comes with it (for my online degree) isn’t helping much either. So everything had to go fast this past week – from running errands, to making dinner. Yet, I still felt the need to actually cook (I’ve been snacking lately alot and skipped dinner because I was too lazy).

One of the easiest recipes out there is probably zucchini pasta! I’m not sure if one can really call it recipe in that sense, because itself is one ingredient only: zucchini! I have this awesome spiral cutter, which makes it a 2 minute act to get my zucchini into the desired spaghetti form. Brilliant innovation. All you really need to do is cut up the zucchini, preferably if you have a spiral cutter or something similar, heat up some tomato sauce in a pan or pot, add all the spices and once it’s hot – add the pre-cut zucchini to it. Swirl it for a minute or two and voila! I’ve actually had this dinner three times this past week because it was just so easy, so quick to fix and still so yummy! I always add some fresh herbs, onions and chili to the sauce to spice up the whole thing.

My goal for this upcoming week is to actually cook. I will be more or less alone this whole week in the office (except for some meetings here and there) and decided to cook my lunches ahead of time at home. I’m usually out for lunch and grab myself a salad or some chicken with veggies and due to the heat waves I’ve felt even less like cooking. Now it’s time to use that kitchen again! I should go some more grocery shopping tomorrow, which gives me the perfect to-do for today: get inspired by some recipes and plan the cooking-week.

Wishing you all a great Sunday! xo



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