The perfect summer sneaker you need to get in 2021

I honestly do not remember when I last posted about a shoe; a sneaker in fact. I did not even believe there was such a thing, a “perfect” sneaker, yet there is. Hands down, this is the most comfortable, airy, light, even trendy sneaker I have worn thus far in my life – and I own quite a few pairs (trust me). New Balance sneakers are having a thing right now, a real trendy hype I feel. Ultimately, I have to partially thank the hype for getting my attention; even though other sneaker types received more attention (like the 574 sneaker from New Balance).

It really started with me needing a new pair of sneakers for walking the dog. Now, when taking the dogs out I need something comfortable, a pair that I can throw on no matter the weather and where I will not care about getting them dirty. When I saw this sneaker in store, I immediately fell in love. It looked like the perfect running shoe, it felt like the perfect running shoe and guess what, it IS a running shoe. This sneaker, the New Balance Unisex 530 design is inspired by the 1990-2000s; a time that is totally trendy this summer. Like it’s name, it is also unisex so can be worn by anyone.

Due to the color I chose – and I basically only wear and love white or neutral-toned sneakers – the Unisex 530 can be worn with almost any outfit to almost any occasion or event. I have worn it with sweatpants, with shorts, when walking the dogs, buying groceries, going to the city, even to work. Yes, I think this sneaker can even be combined with a cute little dress or some nice pants and a blazer. I might not wear it to an important finance or client meeting, I give you that, but for a normal day at the office it is perfect. And, in addition, you are even wearing the perfect shoe to go for a nice walk over lunch (something that is non-negotiable for me with the dogs anyways!).

Now, because I have fallen so in love with this sneaker, because we see it all over the place now (all those instagram influencers seem to have them), and because they are just so comfortable, I have come to a point where I do not want to run through the mud with them. Which is why it is important to spill the cons of why you may not get these sneakers in the end. If you believe that sneakers should be worn outside in all weathers yet you do not wish to see them get dirty – these are not for you. They will get dirty like any other white or beige sneaker. In addition, due to the mesh top, they are neither water proof nor water resistant. Hence, you will get wet feet if it rains or you run through a puddle.

On the bright side, and to list the reasons why you may want to get your hands on this sneaker before they are all gone (or the trend is over, in case you are following it) –
They are super comfortable, they are very airy and lightweight making it easy to walk in them forever, because they are so airy you will never have a problem with smelly feet, they go with almost every outfit you can think of, and you can even run in them (like, properly run)! Honestly, I think this will be my go-to sneaker from now on for the next years (at least for when I take the dogs out on a not-so-rainy day)!

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