Motivational Shopping

Happy Monday! I just finished my short HIIT workout session at home – I admit, it really takes inner convincing to wake up on a Monday morning and actually work out before even eating breakfast. Ah, my beloved breakfast.. :-) But it is all the more fun when you have some new shoes to work out in. Last Monday my inner self persuaded me into some online shopping activities. I found these Nikes and fell in love – not only with these though, but also with another pair (Air Max) – and, as destiny had it chosen for me, I found a third pair the following day. Whoops. Now my closet is richer by 3 new pairs – I am guily, yet in love! I also got this great pink yoga matt, as well as a new pair of workout shorts. Now that I have all these lovely items I obviously cannot back off from myΒ freshly found morning routine.

I only started the full workout two weeks ago, since I hadn’t done much since surgery. Ahh – it takes so much motivation to continue. Yet, I always feel better and full of energy after my morning session. What do you do for your motivation? I surely can’t shop a new pair of shoes or clothes every week. Ok, I do need a few more shirts – so that might be a reason but I really cannot pull that one through for too long.

This weeks starts off busy again – I just finished my breakfast and need to sprint to the office soon. I have one meeting and quite a few calls scheduled for today. Tuesday and Wednesday will be similar – and the uni stuff in the evening. Thursday I’ll drive down to DΓΌsseldorf, and Saturday we (family) are continuing to Norden (city in Germany), where we will be celebrating my grandpa’s 70th birthday. So excited to see the whole family again! Although I’ll only be staying a few days I’m already planning my outfits and I can see myself arriving with a huge suitcase. However – my parents are used to it by now. I think. :-)

Oh, and yesterday the summer offically started! Woot! Now I am praying that the weather will actually comply and that the rain will stop. It’s been horrible the past days. However, for now, I wish you all a great Monday and start into the new week! xo




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