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It’s Monday already – Good Morning! Yes, I agree – I would rather sleep in for another few hours today but work is calling, and it’s calling quite loud this week. Luckily it’s a public holiday on Thursday, so I do have that day free, but all other days are filled with projects, work, and meetings. In days like these, when everything seems to be spinning from all the workload, there is one place I can always calm down and seek more inpsiration. If I’m totally lost, out of inspiration or just want to free my head from all the surrounding things in life, I love going to the bookstore. Yep, bookstore! I love the large Orell FΓΌssli in Zurich – it’s got books about everything: food, style, fashion, interior, lifestyle,.. you name it!

I went there last week to find some inspiration in regards to Fashion and Lifestyle – I might have told you, I’m working on re-decorating some of my rooms and fashion is one of those insprations that I just could never ignore. I wouldn’t necessarily say that my closet resembles my apartment – thankfully, I love black! Obviously not everything is black in my apartment, rather, I love white, white, white, and few earthy tones here and there (such as wood). Instead, I love having my clothes in a contrast to the rest – if I wear black, my surrounding looks best in white and natural, light colors.

I also looked into some of books in regards to interior design – and damn did I fall in love with some of the books there. With my luck, I always find the greatest, largest, heaviest and almost most expensive books, the ones I want need in my collection. So I will surely be going back to that bookstore a few more times in the near future – surely also to get some more inspiration! Do you guys have any tips on where you get inspiration? Yes, Pinterest and the such is surely on my list, but I’ve started looking into some offline inspirations. I feel that I can calm down more with books for example, and since I cannot google 1 million inspirational pictures in a bookstore, which will overwhelm and confuse me surely, I seem to place my concentration much more on details. Time is so valuable, and sometimes it’s just so important to take your time, breathe and enjoy!

With that, I am off to the office quickly and wishing you a wonderful monday! xo





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