Black Leather Jacket

Happy Monday! I haven’t posted the whole weekend and I am so sorry! I was stuck in quite the studying mood – if you remember from earlier posts of last year, I am doing my PADI Open Water Divers license and it’s starting right this upcoming Friday! How exciting! It’s been dragged for quite a few months so I honestly haven’t looked at the material in the meantime. I’m a little nervous though – I guess I always am a tiny tinsy bit when it comes to writing tests. In the end I would say I already know everything as far as what the book has given me information wise (except for one or two definitions I need to still remember), but you never know, right? So I will be repeating the chapters this week before taking the test on Friday. And then, when hopefully all has gone well, I will jump into the pool on Saturday and Sunday forΒ my first practice lessons. Normally I wouldn’t stress at all over these things, as in the end, you can always re-take tests and no one is going toΒ die. But I literally cannot fail! I booked my March vacation already and it’s all about having some girls-time with my best friend and diving on a daily. But enough of that now..

How amazing is this leather jacket, please? I cannot get over it, I got it on sale in January and have fully fallen in love with it! I love leather jackets in general, they just seem to work with everything. And black, well, is black – you just can’t go wrong with that color. It’s not that I don’t already own one, I admit, but the style is surely different – this one really brings across the biker-feeling that I oh-so-love! I can’t wait for spring when I can finally wear it. Sadly, the winter is still full-on here in Zurich. I woke up with -4Β°C this morning and the streets were white again. Though, the temperatures are supposed to rise towards the end of the week and I am looking forward to not having to wear layers and layers of clothes anymore to keeping myself from dying of the cold.

The week is well packed again but I will stay in Zurich the whole time, which makes working on my other projects much easier. Speaking off, I need to sit myself down again to continue work. Have a great week everyone! xo





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