Alexander Wang x H&M Press Event

Happy Wednesday everyone – I surely hope you all had a great day! I just came back from the H&M x Alexander Wang Press Pre-Shopping Event in Zurich. It. Was. Insane! Honestly – it was a mass that went into the shop and everyone was basically killing to get a piece – so much for VIP entrance the day before haha. But unlike others, I won’t have to stand in line tomorrow to have a 10 minute shopping experience (yes, they time you and you get a wrist band – insane!). I tried to take photos, but I’ll be dead honest with you guys: I was scared my camera would get smashed in the crowd haha. So I put it away and looked at the crowd trying to get as many pieces as possible.

Obviously I didn’t just stand and wait around. Smart little me was able to get the pieces I wanted straight from one of the ladies working there – but I must admit, I guess I was just lucky. So I got the top that I really wanted! I was thinking whether to get the white or black one, but the decision was easily taken because the white one was basically gone first. I quickly tried the black on when I got home and I must say I’m super, super happy with my choice: I am in love. Obviously, haha – it is probably not a big surprise that I am liking the black pieces more, once again. I will try and take a few pictures of me wearing the outfit in the upcoming days – so stay tuned!

I also got myself the leggings, which people were literally killing for. Then everyone wanted to go into the changing rooms. That is when my patience completely ended. I took both pieces, bought them and went home. I couldn’t have survived an hour standing in line. I’m not sure if I will keep the leggings though, so I might take them back in the next few days during business hours (hopefully when most people won’t have time to shop). Sadly, I just don’t look like that model in the campaign wearing it haha. Instead I might get anotherΒ top. Shall see! For now, I am super, duper happy about my black top!

In general, I have to say: The collection is absolutely stunning, simply amazing. It is so “simple”, very sporty and yet chic. I love how the collection is made for actually working out and simultaneously you can go out clubbing with the piecees. Basically, you can do one after another! Though I do advice going out before getting all sweaty haha. I could have spent so much money tonight, it’s insane. I also love the coat with the embedded cap/hat, though I couldn’t fully decide and I think it might be a little too sporty for my taste. In the end, I enjoy timeless pieces (if spending those amounts) that I can wear a little longer. Nonetheless: I was breathtaken by the pieces. Which one is your favorite?












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