Exploring Switzerland: Volketswil, Örmis

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Happy Monday! I hope everyone is well and healthy and can somewhat enjoy the quarantine at home, too! We still go out regularly with our dogs so we have the ability to enjoy the warm weather that Switzerland has been showing off with this past weekend. The other day I asked some of my friends / followers (not a large group, but still!) on Instagram whether they had any tips for us regarding where to take the dogs in and around Zurich. After a while, it seems we have walked every path at least twice in our neighborhood and the surrounding 5-10 km.

I also always check out the account from different people on Instagram, including that of Andrea Monica Hug (@andreamonicahug), whom is not just an amazing photographer but also goes for many runs and walks. The other day she went for a walk with her dad to a place that looked absolutley beautiful and one that I really wanted to see. I wrote her asking where this place was and not only did she tell me, but she also sent me a screen shot of google maps to find it easily – thank you so much, Andrea – that was highly appreciated!

My fiancé and dogs loved the walk as much as I did, though, I probably loved it the most (or perhaps second-most after the dogs). I used this time to work on my photography skills a bit again and just enjoy the time with my camera. Here are some of the photos I wanted to share with you. Of course this is after the processing – all done with Lightroom Classic and Lumiar (Skylum Luminar 4 to be precise). What do you think of them?

All photos are shot with the Canon EOS R with the RF 15-35MM F2.8L IS USM lens.

Exploring Switzerland: Zurich Katzensee (Lake)

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(Deutscher Post weiter unten / German Post further down)

February 19, 2020! This is a special day for many reasons – for one, and the main reason, I want to share it with you is that it is my mother’s birthday. So, Happy Birthday to you, Mommy! She is one of the kindest, most loyal and most heartwarming people I know!

Also, I wanted to share another small part of Switzerland with you that I absolutely love. The Katzensee (translates to Cat-lake – but don’t know why) is a small little lake near Zurich (around 20min drive from the city center) that one can walk / hike around within approximately one hour. The nature there, especially with all its trees and those coming out of the water, is breathtaking.

I have been sharing a few photos already on my Instagram with you, though they only show a small part of the photo. The full size ones are here for you to take a look at. For those interested, I shot these with my Canon EOS R (15-35mm 2.8 IS USM lens) – and I can tell you, I L O V E this camera and especially love love love the lens. You will surely be seeing more of these kind of photos from me going forward and I would love to hear some feedback from you! Also, all photos are available for sale in print if of interest.

German / Deutsch

Es ist der 19 Februar 2020 und ein besonderer Tag, denn heute hat meine Mama Geburtstag! Mama, ich wünsche Dir alles, alles Gute, Glück, Gesundheit und Zufriedenheit auch auf diesem Wege! (Natürlich hat sie auch eine Karte und Geschenke bekommen und wir haben im engen Kreise ein wenig gefeiert :-) Es gibt kaum einen vertrauenswürdigeren, liebevollen und herzlichen Menschen als meine Mama; weshalb ich es auch unbedingt heute und hier nochmals erwähnen wollte.

Aber nun zum eigentlichen Thema: Zürich und vor allem die Schweiz entdecken. Wie Ihr aus vorherigen Posts eventuell schon rausgelesen habt, versuche ich mehr und mehr von der Schweiz zu entdecken und nicht immer nur die Standart Routen zu besuchen. Letztes Wochenende sind wir dann zum Katzensee gefahren und sind dort einmal rumgelaufen. Der Spaziergang geht ca 1 Stunde (oder auch 1,5h, wenn Ihr so wie ich, immer Fotos machen wollt). Das Wetter war absolut perfekt zum Fotografieren – sonnig, aber nicht zu sonnig, bewölkt aber auch nicht zu dunkel. Der Katzensee ist ca. 20 Minuten mit dem Auto von der Innenstadt Zürich erreichbar und ein kleines Stück Land in das ich mich verlieben könnte. Jedesmal, wenn mein Verlobter und ich in der Nähe sind (wir Golfen auch dort im Nachbars-Ort) überlegen wir wie es wäre, wenn wir dort ein Haus mit kleinem Garten hätten. Oh wie schön es doch wäre!

Ich kann auf jeden Fall jedem, der einen kleinen Spaziergang in der Nähe von Zürich machen möchte und gleichzeitig die Natur geniessen möchte, den Katzensee nur empfehlen!

Für diejenigen von Euch welche an der Kamera interessiert sind: Ich habe diese Aufnahmen mit meiner Canon EOS R (mit der 15-35mm 2.8 IS USM Linse) gemacht. Ich bin wirklich ein klein wenig in meine neue Kamera verliebt und kann Euch somit schonmal versichern, dass Ihr einige weitere solcher Bildserien in nächster Zeit zusehen bekommt. Wer mir auf Instagram folgt, wird auch dort Teile der jeweiligen Bilder zu Gesicht bekommen (die kompletten Bilder sind dann hier – auch Ausgedruckt in verschiedenen Grössen zum Kaufen, falls Interesse besteht).

Exploring Switzerland: Bremgarten (Aargau)

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It’s been almost 6 years since I moved back to Zurich, Switzerland. Six years, and it feels like I still do not really know the country well at all. I meet so many expats here, so many people abroad that have visited Switzerland, and almost all of them seem to know more about the country and have visited more places than me. The reason is simple: work. I’ve been working almost constantly these past few years, with little time to travel other than for work and I’ve not had my car for all too long. And let’s be honest, I was never the type to go “explore” all too much on my own.

Being a Swiss, Sam obviously has seen much, much more of the country than I have. Nevertheless, we made a little promise to ourselves. I want to explore more of this beautiful country, see more places than what is near and around Zurich. A few weekends ago we went to Bremgarten, in Aargau. Sam partially grew up there when he was younger and lived in a house we visited with his family. It was so nice to see where he grew up and kind of get a feel of how his childhood may have looked. At least I know where he went to school, hehe.

The old part / town of Bremgarten is beautiful. So many of the houses are hand-painted and in different colours. You can walk over the river via several bridges and walk into the forest and be in nature within 10 minutes of walking: breathtaking. You all know how much I love and enjoy being out in nature, so it really felt good. Also, the weather was amazing. We stayed for about an hour and a half before we went on to visit his dad and the girlfriend. There we went for another walk with our dogs and then enjoyed a lovely cooked dinner – so good!

Visiting Frankfurt and speaking about future homes

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on the 11th floor in our hotel room at the Hilton Frankfurt City; wearing a Zara outfit and shoes from a small boutique store in Malta

Happy Thursday! Wow, where has the week gone so fast?! I have the feeling the week went by super fast and I barely got as much done as I had hoped. Well no, I did actually get a whole lot done, just not as much in my private life as I had hoped. Either way, we still have Friday and the weekend to come and I am hoping to catch up on some stuff, then.

My dad and I left for business to Frankfurt yesterday by train and arrived in the early evening. Just in time to check another few emails in the hotel room and make our way to the big event. It was HUGE. We were at the Yard in Frankfurt and almost 700 people attended (or so we were told). Really good for networking. We stayed until around midnight and then went back to our hotel – and as tired as I was, I could not fall asleep. So frustrating! It did give me the chance though to calm down and read through some blogs before closing my eyes.

And guys.. the bathroom light. A dream! This may sound a little random but hear me out. Our bathrooms at home are great – they have everything you need (we have two), they are super modern and clean. But they have the worst lighting and it can be SO frustrating at times. I really do not understand how some people can build homes, especially bathrooms, with bad lights. So when we came into the Hilton and I saw the light (even at midnight when everything else was dark in the room), I was amazed. So amazed, that I had to take some selfies, haha.

Believe it or not, this is a mirror I will want to have in my future house. Yes, my house. Ha, I don’t think I have mentioned anything on the blog about it yet but I am already working on my future home. And not just working a little bit, no, I mean really getting together all my inspiration and sources and filing them neatly. What started out with a Pinterest dream years ago already is slowly becoming more and more important to me. It was and always has been my dream to build my own home or renovate a house – whatever it may be. My goal right now, and I am dead serious about it, is to achieving this goal in the very next few years at most. It’s a huge financial commitment and who knows what other stones may be laid in my path before that but I am keen on making it happen.

I also spoke to a woman last night in Frankfurt (the wife of a business partner), whom is an architect. She regularly builds, renovates and styles homes for people of all financial classes (well, rather the upper classes is my guest after our longer talk). Either way, she told me to start a portfolio already now and be sure to put out all pictures and more or less know exactly what I want when the time arrives and I speak to an architect. She says the most money is thrown out when people cannot decide on what they want, or when the architects “need” to help out and decide for them (which is usually more expensive). And even worse – the more you change things during the process the more expensive it gets. She also told me that building from scratch is ALWAYS cheaper than renovating – so that is my ultimate goal. Let’s see, when and how I will be achieving that!

Week 35 and counting

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Happy Monday from Malta! Yesterday, Sunday, I flew to Malta to take a few days off. I wish! Honestly, I came here to see my dentist haha :) I had to get a filling fixed and really prefer my dentist here. Also, we have an apartment in Malta which makes everything so much easier. So I am staying here until Wednesday, enjoying the weather and working from home until then.

Enjoying the heat may sound a little exaggerated – it is SO hot here. At night it only goes down to 27°C if you’re lucky and today we have 33°C. I am melting!

the view from our balcony! I’ll never get tired of it!

So I thought I’d give you another heads-up of the week and what I have on my agenda – and take you with during the week of course.

Today/Monday – in Malta. I saw the dentist this morning and now am working from home / our balcony. The view is amazing and even though I’d love to go around or go shopping, my inbox is exploding. So it’s all about work today.
Tuesday – Another day working from the balcony. I also need to shoot something small which I am super excited about and will show you these days on the blog and instagram if all goes well! I may even have time to go to Zara in the evening and check out what’s new in store. I almost never find time to shop in Zurich so here I may find some time. AND, it’s a whole lot cheaper (around 30%).
Wednesday – back to the dentist – getting a second filling re-done so all is set for the future and get my teeth cleaned overall. I’m such a fan of getting my teeth professionally cleaned every few months if possible. Then I will be flying back to Zurich in the early afternoon.
Thursday – Hopefully seeing a dear friend for lunch that I haven’t seen in forever! In the evening I have a business event to attend. Thankfully the title is “Sumer Party” so I am looking forward to catching up with a few people from the industry over a glass of sparkling wine!
Friday – Nothing is planned so far. Yet, if the weather is good I am hoping for a nice lovely dinner somewhere outside with my love. I hate being away from him and cannot wait to seeing him again!

Also: how lovely was this purple sky when I boarded last night in Zurich?! I did contrast the image slightly but it really was beautiful!