Make-Up and Jewellery Trends 2021 Ideal for Virtual Meetings

Happy Sunday my lovelies! With the new year we are approached with new trends that will be defining 2021. Since the year has started and will continue with a lot of home office for many of us, I thought I would put together the make-up and jewellery trends 2021 that I believe are ideal for virtual meetings (especially when working in finance or another “conservative” industry).

Make-Up Trends 2021 Ideal for WFH

Stained Lips and lipstick for WFH
Stained lips will be receiving a hype this year as they are ideal when wearing a mask and not transferring onto it. When working from home (WFH) and not having to put on a mask, lipsticks will also be ideal, as this year we are looking to see some pops of color! To keep looking professional, I advise not choosing bright colours but rather go with a red or orange shade. Also, if you go for bold lips, keep it easy on the eyes!
Find some products here (I love and own the Benefit ones since years! photo below)

So called “Dolphin Skin”
Dolphin Skin, a make-up trend founded by the make-up artist Mary Phillips is all about making your skin look dewy, smooth and glowy all-round! Thus, we are looking at achieving the perfect no-make-up make-up look with a light foundation and highlighter, highlighter, highlighter!
Find out how to get Dolphin Skin here.

Colored Mascara
Wearing masks the past year has restricted us from many make-up trends but surely upsurge the need to make our eyes pop! Colored mascara is a make-up trend that is looking to stay in 2021 and we should not miss out on this trend! To keep it professional, I would advise staying away from coolers such as bright orange, yellow and the like. Depending on your eye-colour, why not switch it up with some blue, green or purple mascara? Also, brown mascara is still a winner for me – subtle but never too much.
Find a list of colored mascaras here.

Jewellery Trends 2021 Ideal for Virtual Meetings

Pearls, pearls, pearls
The world is a pearl so make sure to wear one! 2021 we are going back to the pearly trend that we have seen already a few years ago. Not only are chanel bags wearing pearls now; so are we. However, we are not looking at the typical “boring” round pearl necklaces necessarily. Instead, try switching it up by wearing earrings, hair accessories or necklaces with baroque pearls (irregular non-spherical shaped pearls).
Learn more about baroque pearls here.

Collar necklaces, chains, and chains with bold pendants
2020 has already seen chains in all shapes and sizes and we are not looking at getting rid of them in 2021! Instead, let’s upgrade them with some (bold) pendants, instead. Or why not combine two trends at a time and add a chain necklace with some baroque pearls to your next outfit? Jewellery can make or break an outfit. When getting ready for your next virtual meeting, why not add a chain necklace or collar necklace to your turtleneck top? To keep it professional, I advise on keeping it down to one or two main jewellery pieces (earrings and necklace, perhaps?) and not laying up with chains and collars, pendants and the largest earrings you can find (Yes, layering is still a trend in 2021 but not necessarily for your next professional meeting). Keep it classy!
Find more jewellery trends here.

Flower Power and colorful beads
2020 has been dull enough, so let’s add some happiness and colors to 2021! Especially when all is dull and grey outside, when we dream of the next holiday, flowers can brighten up everyones mood. Not only do I advise to buying yourself some flowers here and there (I currently have a vase with tulips on my desk), but why not add colors to your jewellery? Especially in finance, when most outfits seem rather held in conservative colors (we are thinking black, white, grey, beiges and blues), a pop of green, yellow, red or orange can do wonders. Got a necklace that feels like the rainbow or gives you the Hawaiian feel with flowers? Wear it – you’ll brighten up everyones mood!
Find some colourful and flower pieces here.

Hope you enjoyed this little summary of beauty and jewellery trends 2021 perfect for virtual meetings!
Stay tuned for next Sunday’s post – we will continue speaking about online presence!

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