How Face Yoga (using a Jade Roller and Gua Sha) has Helped Me Relax my Jaw Muscles and become less Stressed

Happy Sunday lovelies! I have officially joined the trend and bought myself a face Jade Roller and Gua Sha recently – both made out of rose quartz. Before sharing my thoughts about these beauty tools, I thought I’d give you a short background on why I decided to actually buy it now and whether it has helped with some of my health issues.

It really started a long while back – perhaps a year ago or so – that I kept looking at these face rollers and wondered whether there were any real positive effects from rolling your face or not. I’ve had this face roller on my birthday and Christmas wish-list and although I got lovely presents from people I love & cherish, this little beauty toy was never a part of it.

For those that know me personally, probably know that I have quite the issues with my jaw – the muscles to be exact. I tend to press my teeth together at night extremely firmly, and even though I have a retainer I wear from time to time, my jaw muscles are almost always tight (and very strong, if I may say). This tightness in my face and jaw muscles has gone so far, that I already woke up to a jaw clamp that had to be professionally opened and hours of physio-training was prescribed to me. Just recently, my jaw has flamed up again – whether it is subconscious stress or something else – it really ain’t fun. Although this time around it was not only my jaw muscles that cramped, it surely was a pressing issue that I needed to work on again.

So what do you do when everyone tells you that you are subconsciously stressed and need to relax more? Relax. I’ve tried to relax to the maximum, really – we are speaking bubble baths, meditation sessions, breathing sessions, massages and (let’s pretend its relaxing) online shopping. As you may be able to guess, none of these things really helped. So here I am again, back at square one with another prescription to start physio soon again. One thing I did buy though and believe has helped me already, is my Jade Roller and Gua Sha!

Here are the benefits I have read about when looking up Face Jade Roller and Gua Sha:
– Improves blood circulation
– Decreases puffiness in your face
– Encourages Drainage in your face
– Brightens your skin
– Helps with irritated or stuffed sinuses
– Anti-aging effect and tightens your skin
– Slims your face and boosts your mood
– Relieve Muscle and Joint pain
– Contours your face without make-up
*note, these are only some of the first answers you will find when google-ing. There is so much info out there!

Here are the benefits that I personally see and believe work for everyone when using the Face Jade Roller and Gua Sha:

1. Decreases Puffiness in Your Face
Now, for a beauty face roller to de-puff your face you obviously need a puffy face to start with. Puffy faces usually come from too much water in your face and a high consumption of salt (*not a doctor here!). Personally though, I do tend to wake up with a rounder and more puffy face in the mornings, especially if my night was shorter than initially planned. When using the Gua Sha and Face Roller in the morning – straight from the fridge and using a serum – I really do see a clear difference in my face right away. Now, it is important to say that the cooling effect helps with the puffiness and of course this is only a short-term side-effect and nothing that lasts you all day.

2. Boost your mood (and slims your face)
It dose take me a couple of minutes to overcome my inner laziness in the mornings to start massaging my face with the ice-cold Gua Sha and Jade Roller – but once you have done it, trust me, it boosts your mood. I don’t know if it is the actual massaging of the face, me noticing a slightly decreased puffiness in my face or the fact that I am pulling through with a beauty routine and feeling oh-so-adult-y afterwards. Regarding a slimmed face, I think this goes back to the decreased puffiness but I highly doubt that an overall slimmer face can come just from massaging your face long-term (*happy to update this should my views change a year from now).

3. Relieves muscle- and joint pain
Now, if you have issues with your jaw muscles or face muscles overall – I think you will notices the relief instantly. Especially after waking up, I tend to notice that my teeth are clinching against each other and my jaw is far from being relaxed. Once I have finished massaging my face with the ice-cold jade roller and massaged it with the Gua Sha, I really feel much more relaxed in my face. It may be the massaging itself, it may be the act of concentrating on a task and thus letting that subconscious stress fly out the window. Either way – I am loving it!

Do you have any activities you can totally recommend for the ultimate relaxation session (preferably at home in a DIY fashion)? I would love to hear all about it!

xo LauraNanette

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