Adding to my Sunday Self-Care Routine

It’s been a while! The past few weeks flew by and whilst it may not seem like a lot has happened, surely, a lot has happened. I’ve set up a new company, planned our upcoming wedding in most details possible and continued working the load off that comes in on a daily. Especially these hectic times give even more reason for a good self-care routine. Mine is usually always Sundays!

Sunday is the day I re-do my nails (or at least every 2-3 weeks), when I like to stand longest in the shower, shave every inch of my body, use a hair mask and face mask. Sometime I add a bit of colour to my eyebrows and just recently I have added a facial steamer and ultrasonic exfoliator to my routine. A total game-changer!

I’ve been eyeing these gadgets since a while; especially since Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential always talks about a good face steam (if you have not listened to any of her brilliant podcasts yet, I highly recommend to change that now)!

So finally the day came that I decided to go ahead and order this precious little item. Of course it had to look good and if possible, include some pinks in the aesthetics. I found what I was looking with the Wolady Facial Steam Atomiser and ordered it immediately. With it, I ordered the ANLAN Ultrasonic Exfoliator Skin Scrubber. Together, these work wonders – trust me!

First, you get yourself comfortable – maybe make yourself a tea or get yourself a glass of hot lemon water. Then you let your face get steamed – literally. I usually sit in front of the steamer for a good 5-15 minutes, usually listening to a podcast or some music whilst doing so. Instantly afterwards you will notice how your pores have basically opened up; softened all the way. Now is when you pull your magnifying mirror close to you and start gently scrubbing your face with the exfoliator and tell me you love it. You will see all the nasty stuff coming out of your pores that have clogged up your face over the past week and it is SO satisfying to see how clean your face becomes afterwards.

Trust me and thank me later.

xo, LauraNanette

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