A Gift Guide for the Busy Beauty-Loving Girl

Black Friday is right around the corner and Christmas is only 41 days away – can you believe it? If you have a busy wellness loving friend, girlfriend, sister, mother, or best friend – hell, even a guy friend – and you’re looking for a present idea, look no further! I have searched the net, no, searched amazon, to find you the best deals. If you’re smart, you make yourself a list just like myself and keep an eye on the prices the next days coming up to Black Friday (Nov 26, 2021). Personally, I have all these items on my list (except for a minor few that I have already purchased).

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  1. Kerastase Blonde Absolute Hollids Pack of 3 – We all love golden blonde hair, looking like we’re coming fresh from the hairdresser. Fresh from that blow-out around the corner ready to grab our coffee-to-go and rock the day. Most likely, though, most of us do not have the time nor the extra pennies to run to the hairdresser all the time. For this reason, Kerastase has the utmost best products to keep your hair at bay looking you’re best, and only from you hopping out of your own shower. You’re not blonde, yet still want all the perks of looking amazing from home? Go look at the Kerastase Resistance products! I cannot recommend the product line enough.
  2. Primal Collagen – if you’re looking for a supplement that makes your hair shinier, thicker and grow faster. A product that makes your nails grow faster, makes your skin look plumper – then look no further. It sounds like an ad, I mean, it sounds like it’s too good to be true, right? Well, it’s that good. I’ve been taking 2 heaped teaspoons of Collagen Pulver the past 8 weeks now and I can tell you my nails are growing faster, I have baby hair growing, hell, my hair has grown although I’ve just been to the hairdresser. Maybe its just a little supplement on the side and the growth is coming from my overall health. Yet, I am convinced that it is a supplement we all should try at least once in our lives!
  3. Infrared light – A facial is something most of us love – I surely love it – but its something that costs us time and a whole lot of cash. A lot of facials nowadays include an infrared light session for several reasons: it helps regenerate your (broken) skin cells, it detoxifies, it reduces muscle tension, pain and inflammation. It is recommended to use a red light 3-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes. And honestly, who doesn’t love a little warm light especially now that the winter months are coming up. This is something that is definitely on my own list at the moment!
  4. An Ultrasonic Humidifier– latest after the statement from Hailey that she and Justin Bieber have what, like 4 humidifiers on in their bedroom at night every night – we all need (at least) one, right? I mean I surely do! I’ve had a humidifier for years already but this one is just another notch up and definitely on my list!
  5. Lip Comfort Oil – don’t we all love a little gloss on our lips making them look even more lavish than already? I surely do. Yet, I most definitely hate that feeling when your hair gets stuck to your lips making you think back of your teenage years to when we were all 14 years old with braces and a little gloss to impress the boys. So, if we want those lavish lips (I surely do!) without the stickiness – girl, I got you! Try out lip oil instead. It hydrates, shines and does not stick. Genius!
  6. NuFACE Facial Toner – A facial toner is another key device that is being used in the beauty industry in facials and something we can easily (at least to a certain point) replicate at home with our own device. For this, a facial toner like the one from NuFACE can be used and especially this mini one is oh-so-cute, fits in your travel bag, in any size bathroom and – like it’s big brother – works!
all links are found below

7. Oral-B iO 9 Special Edition Electric Toothbrush – there is no one, that can tell me they do not like a bright white smile. Our health is connected to our teeth in so so many ways and it is of utmost importance to keep our health at a peak. I have been using electronic toothbrushes since forever but lately I feel mine isn’t up to speed anymore and so replacing it surely is on my list. This toothbrush from Oral-B has been recommended by so many online and uses the latest technology that it basically has me convinced already.

8. LED Photon Therapy Face Mask – let’s get back to the benefits of red light therapy for our skin. Well, I do believe in red light, I do not know about blue light and yellow light – but, I do think there is something about it. Since so many of us are more than busy though these days and perhaps may not have the time to lie down and wait for a potential miracle to happen – why not try it whilst multitasking. This mask allows one to treat our face with different lights while writing that email late at night or finishing the Netflix series. Heck, you could even sleep with it (though my recommendation is not to).

9. Bath Thermometer – isn’t this rubber duck so cute? So hear me out; who does not love taking a soothing bath especially after a long rainy and cold day? Well, I do, I really really do. Every time, though, I end up making the bath too hot or too cold. Most often, it’s too hot and I basically burn alive. So, to finally not burn anymore and instead enjoy that bath right away (and not waste more time cooling the water down or waiting) so I can get back to my busy lifestyle, a bath thermometer is what I need. Also, I read that a 30-min soak at exactly 40Β°C can be as effective as a 30-minute run. I don’t know if that is true but I do love the idea.

10. Faux Fur Slippers – these are actually not on my list but I already own them. They are SO fluffy and so so good. The reviews on amazon spoke for themselves but they really are that good. They have different colours available but I just couldn’t say no to the leopard fluff shoe! Also, I would size 1 up if you’re in between sizes!

11. Set of 4 Placemats – another item that is already living in my home and that I absolutely love. I love these placemats so much that I already ordered another four – because, well, often times we do have more than 2 guests visiting us and there is nothing more I hate than not being prepared or having enough place mats of the same color. Honestly, I can only recommend them. They have different colours available, shipped super fast and and can be cleaned so easily. They are such a perfect present!

12. Indoor Surveillance Camera – ok so I don’t want to spy on my kids, but I really want to spy on my kids. And with kids I mean my puppies – we don’t leave them alone home often but when we do (those times we go for dinner without them for example), I really sometimes wish I could see what our pups are doing. So I found this indoor camera with sooo many (over 10k) reviews and I think I may just need it.

So this is it – my hot list of 12s, my Amazon top picks right now waiting to be bought (or bought for me **hint & shoutout to my husband) and I hope I was able to give you some great ideas!

If yo have any experience with these or can recommend any other must-have products to me from amazon – your girl is waiting and ready to try out some new products!

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