New Whites

Happy Sunday! Remember when I spoke about wanting to change my interior a bit and freshen things up with more white? Well, it happened faster than expected – and I am so happy with the result. I finally got myself a new sofa yesterday, and it completely changed the feeling of the room. It’s much fresher, welcoming, and lighter than before. I loved my old sofa – no doubt – it was a really good one, of great condition, and extremely robust. Yet, it wasn’t white. Most people actually warned me and told me not to get white. The typical “what if it gets dirty?”, “it will be so much work to get it cleaned everytime”, “you won’t be able to eat or drink near it anymore” arguments and questions came down on me daily. Still, I insisted. I did not want to spend too much money on a new sofa and fell in love with this Ikea Ektorp 3-seat one. I picked it up with a friend yesterday morning (after having sold my old one Friday evening) and built the whole thing in less than 2 hours – by myself. It really isn’t hard. I remember 10 years ago, Ikea furniture often turned into an hour-long nightmare. This one was super easy, though, and the covers were put on super fast. What I love about it, is that you can change the covers often, wash them and it doesn’t take long to put them on. You can also buy new ones or choose a different color. Of course, I can’t speak from experience yet, but so far I love it! If you want, I am happy to share my thoughts in a couple of weeks/months, too. By the way – I got asked this several times – the white “&” pillows are one of my newest additions, and can be found in Manor (Zurich) for only CHF 15 each. They also have cases with different letters on them, so do check them out if you’re looking for something modern and fresh.

After spending a night in on my sofa yesterday (I really needed a calm night), I woke up only to have one of my favorite breakfasts on my new couch. I prepared a chia-pudding last night, added rasberries and topped it off with a peach! If you like, I’ll share my recipe with you – it really is a 5-minute act only.

Now I’ll go outside and enjoy the weather a little. It’s lovely sunny in Zurich and I thought I might go walk around a bit and explore nature!


Weekend Mode

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SundayFunday! Yesterday I went to the pop-up gallery opening of a friends’ sister – whom showed and is selling antique art and objects here in Zurich. The pieces are stunning and I would have loved to take some home with me! Sadly, they are a little over my budget of what I should/can spend. Nevertheless, if you are in Zurich you should definetely check it out here. After a calm dinner at home I got ready to go and meet some girls – so we went to Taos here in Zurich. A great lounge/bar with one of my favorite DJs – he’s a bit older but such a sweetheart and always playing great beats! I then joined over to the club but didn’t stay long and got home shortly after 1am – boring, I know!

This morning I started of easy and calm. I had my breakfast in bed and looked through all the social media stuff, checked out some of my favorite blogs and then started cooking at around noon. I just had this super simple (again) but yummy lunch; consisting of an omlette (2 egg whites & 1 egg, spinach, 1 onion, leek and some mushrooms on the side). A super busy Sunday ;) just how I like it. Sadly though I still need to work on some uni projects, so that will be most of my afternoon and early evening. I also need to iron some clothes so I might do that in front of the TV tonight. I am so excited to finish this uni course at the beginning of October and finally have a bit more me- and social-time (and even more so once I am done with this Masters for good hopefully early/mid next year). I’ve missed it! How’s your weekend been?


Simple Food

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FriYay – what a joy! I am utterly excited to sleeping in – as always, haha :). The week has been good though, busy yet entertaining. Yesterday evening I made a super simple dinner for my dad and i (he returned from a business trip but is leaving again tonight). I made some omelette with vegetables (mainly onions, leek, and mushrooms) with a side of broccoli.

After dinner I saw a good friend of mine and we talked about what happened in the past weeks and what the upcoming plans are – its always great to catch-up. What I really didn’t expect was the autumn-vibed-weather, it gets super cold at night now and my thin jumper surely was not enough. Coats and jackets are now officially my best friend again! How has your week been so far?

Fresh Whites


Hey lovelies,

I thought I’d share a few inspirational photos I found on Pinterest (here). I absolutely love relaxing in the evening and looking through inspo-photos – at basically everything from food, to design, fashion and interior. I love getting my inspirations from there – could I call myself a Pinterest junkie? Probably. I am also really into everything white, light grey, natural browns: basically, everything that makes the apartment look fresh (!) and C O Z Y. My apartment is (of course) far from looking like the inspo-pictures I keep on drewling about. Yet, I am always on the look at what the market has to offer and what apartments are free at the moment. Let me tell you – its a bitch trying to find an apartment that has a scandinavian flair – or really, any apartment that is affordable. I am not unhappy with my apartment – really – I’ve learnt to like it alot. There are certain things though, that I would immediately change. I hate not having an open kitchen. In general, kitchens cannot be big enough. And I would love myself a white or light grey floor. Is it just me or is that only existant in Scandinavian countries? If so, I might need to move at some point in my life.

So for all of you out there, specifially those in the Zurich area, please do write me if you know of any place that is available that has a rather old, inviting charme! In general though, I am always interested at looking at places – and styling them. I am in the midst of cleaning out my apartment. Step by step. And I might buy a new sofa soon, in white. What do you think? My ultimate dream would be to buy an old apartment or house and completely renovate it one day. Clearly a dream yet, but surely, one day, I’ll get there.

Wrapped Chicken Salad

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What better is there than a Chicken fajita inspired wrap – the healthy way! I’ve been looking at my diet and eating habits recently and started cooking differently. I am actually being a little restrictive with not even drinking alcohol or eating certain foods – but not forever, trust me. This is a kick-start I have always wanted to do, and it seems to work perfectly so far. Although I am a bit restricted in what I am eating, I still try to be creative with my food, make it not only yummy, but also try to make it look presentable. This of course does not mean that I won’t bake anymore or enjoy a glas of wine here and there – I surely will, just not this month. I’ve been seeing a lot of chicken fajitas lately – or maybe I’ve been craving them for too long and noticed every single picture suddenly out in the social media world. Either way, I decided to make a healthy treat out of it myself and made myself this little lunch yesterday. Little is to say it looks small on the picture – but trust me, it’s filling. As always, the food is dairy and glutenfree – and this time, doesn’t even contain any oils or sugars. It is super easy in the making and takes about 20 minutes time to prepare.

What you need for 1 portion

100g chicken
3 tablespoons of tamari (gluten free soy sauce / or use a normal one if you can)
4-5 large mushrooms
1 large onion
2 medium-sized leek
iceberg salad / or any salad that has large leafs to wrap up the “fajita”
in case you do not have a coated pan, you  might need some olive oil

What to do

1) peel the onion and first 1-2 layers of the leek and cut up all vegetables into small, bite-size cubes
2) clean the chicken and remove any visible fat or veins – and likewise, cut it up into bite-size pieces
3) heat up a pan large enough for all vegetables and a smaller pan for the chicken (depending on your pans, you might not need any oil – otherwise, add some olive oil)
4) add the onion, mushrooms and leek into one pan and the chicken into the other
5) add 2 tablespoons of tamari to the vegetables, and make stir it well. Add one more tablespoon of tamari to the chicken
6) cover up the pans and put the heat on medium heat
7) cook both the vegetables and the chicken for about 15 minutes – though do take off the cover once or twice to stir everything
8) once the chicken is done (do test one piece), it can be added to the vegetables and on high heat, stir it for another 2-3 minutes
9) Lastly, take the mixture aside and let it cool off slightly (don’t want it burning through your salad later on..) 

Now you can

1) Use a spoon to fill up your salad wraps and enjoy your meal
2) Or place the vegetable and chicken mixture into the fridge for another day (if you use an air-tight box, it will stay good for 3-4 days in the fridge)

If you want the whole meal to look a little more colorful, try adding in some red paprika or corn if you like. Of course, you can make double the portion for two people or as much as you need or can eat :) Bon appetit!