Sunday is a Salad Night

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Happy Sunday guys! The week has passed enormously fast, once again. Luckily, the weather has been incredible this weekend and, since I my studies only start next week again, I’ve been out and about the whole day. I started my Saturday morning with a relaxed two-hour brunch and some great conversations at Café des Amis here in Zurich. It was the first time I went, thanks to the introduction of a friend, and I must say it surely is lovely. Due to the good weather the place was full however, and we sat inside instead. Though the food was good (and my friends food looked amazing), they were a little inflexible with regards to my allergies. Is it such a big deal to make scrambled eggs fresh without any lactose (milk)? Nevertheless, my two fried eggs and avocado were good!

After a swim-workout at the Hallenbad (swimming pool in Zurich) I met up with a friend in the afternoon, strolled through the city, sat in the sun over some drinks and went for sushi afterwards. He introduced me to Sora Sushi, right at the main train station (Hauptbahnhof), where they have all-you-can-eat specials on the weekend. Trust me when I say I really did eat all I could – rolling out of the place satisfied! The best part here was, that it not only was delicious, but there was no limitation on the amounts of sashimi you could order. If you know me, I really like sushi (Maki especially), though love sashimi! An elderly couple next to us most likely hated us for a short amount of time, though, as we took all the salmon sashimi off the conveyor belt one time: :’) We did give them the next rounds, though!

With all the eating yesterday, today will be rather light. I love making a quick salad in the evenings, which doesn’t leave you feeling like you are rolling-around yet still fills you enough until its time for bed. Speaking off, I will try to eat a little earlier today and will walk off to the kitchen soon. How did you spend your weekend? xo



Snapchat Snapshot

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Can I say good-wuff-evening or is that all too much right now? I’ll be honest, I am a full on snapchat fan. I love it. It entertains me. I get to watch blogger updates (almost) live. I get to send stupid snapshots to my friends and receive the most awkward snaps back. Obviously, and by no surprise, you can see that one of my favorite filters is the dog one. Why? I don’t quite know it myself – it might be the love for dogs I have. Either way, I’ve noticed the #basicbitch trend going around. What it means? Simple, it’s all those using the dog filter on snapchat, wearing caps, “werk”ing “werk”ing “werk”ing (hinting to Rihanna) and putting their hair up in braids (hinting to the Kardashians). Basically, I am missing the cap and the braids – that is to say, I should really get my hair done and find a cap to fulfill the cliché. No but seriously, when, why and how did I miss this cute filter turn into such a vibe? Anywhoo – if there is one thing I don’t support its those not supporting. Meaning; there is no way I will give up my snapchat dog filter anytime soon! It’s too cute.

Different story, same subject: Those of you that are following me on snappychatty (@stylephantom) these days, have noticed that I am currently in Luxembourg. I am here since Wednesay and staying until tomorrow afternoon – for business, of course. I haven’t been able to take much photos here nor did I have enormous amounts of freetime to blog in the past times – yet, I’ve been rather active on Snapchat these days when I had a minute or two running from meeting A to B and have been sharing some Lux-impressions with you. Go check it out! Still being stuck on this subject, what’s your favorite filter and which one is an absolute “no-go”? xo


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Sundays are for lovers? Sure they are. But they are also for staying in bed as long as possible, only getting up to go to the kitchen or the needed bathroom once in a while. My Sunday has been exactly that: I’ve not left the bed for most of the day today. I am used to getting up every day to sit at the computer one time or another to work on my studies, write a paper and prepare the week ahead. This and next week I finally have vacation though (from uni), before the next module starts. So I’ve decided to stay lazy most of the day, talk to my friends on the phone (which can take hours when catching up) and to look through my photos and get everything a little more organized on the digital side. This is a picture of mini me, discovering my joy for driving at a young age already – I looked so innocent! :’)

Now it’s time to do something though – I cannot lie around the whole day – its been enough, I’ve enjoyed it, but now I need to get active. I’ve decided to sort through some more papers today, then get back into my swimming routine. Tonight will most likely be lazy again, too – and plan ahead for tomorrow (so not super lazy). It’s a public holiday tomorrow but I want to get some personal projects going again and work on that – to be updated soon! What are your plans? xo

Bunless Burger w/ Tomato Salsa

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Happy Saturday guys! I’m back at it – yep, cooking again. The past days I’ve been sleeping mostly due to a fever and general flu that really kept me in bed most hours of the day. In general, I have the feeling I haven’t properly cooked in forever – weeks at the least. I have been in an ugh mood, and quite honestly, I’ve been absolutely anti-eating these few weeks. Not that I didn’t eat, but I’ve gone through a phase where I just didn’t feel like anything. Horrible! So today I finally went grocery shopping which entailed more than a few apples and the boring old salad. I decided on a bunless burger with tomato salsa, some fresh avocado and a tinsy bit of salad. Other than the fact that I love my food looking aesthetic and a bit artsy, my dad (whom is home this weekend for once) gave his biggest approval concerning the tastiness.

Since I’m still not all in health wise, I’ll take it rather slow this weekend – hence, no going out for any parties. Instead, dad and I will go to the movies (I think I haven’t been in at least a year!) to watch ‘London has fallen’ – which has some of my favorite actors playing in it and looks like hellofa good action movie. I’ll let you know how it was!

If you’re interested in this oh-so-yummy, slightly spicy tomato salsa, I’ll share the recipe with you right now. You can of course eat it whilst still warm, though I personally prefer it cooled down – and swear that the taste intensifies and gets better with every hour of cooling.

What you need

4 fresh medium-sized tomatos
1 handful of fresh basil

1 fresh chili
1 medium-sized onion
3 tablespoons olive oil
1-2 tablespoon honey (whichever one you prefer)
1 tablespoon tomato paste 
1 teaspoon spicy paprika powder
pepper & salt

What to do

1) wash the tomatoes and take off the stem – now cut it into bite-size squares
2) peel the onion and chop it up into small pieces
3) wash the chili, and chop it into pieces (you want to make sure to take out the seeds to avoid it being too spicy)
4) in a small cooking pot / or medium-sized pan, heat up the olive oil
5) once heated, add the onion and tomato paste – you want to roast it gently for a couple of minutes
6) now add ¾ of the cut up tomatoes, the chili, the honey and spicy paprika powder – stir it through well, turn down the heat to a minimum and let it slightly cook for 30 minutes
7) whilst cooking, chop up the basil
8) after 30 minutes, stir it through well, take it off the heat, add the rest of the tomatoes, add a handful of basil and let it cool off
9) after another 10 – 15 minutes you can add a bit of salt & pepper to finish off the taste as you like

Now you can

1) serve it directly
2) add more honey if its too spicy – or more paprika powder if its not enough
3) place it in the fridge and let it sit for a couple of hours

If you leave it in a sealed large jar in the fridge, the salsa will stay good for 4-5 days. The portion on the photos shows about half of what you get from the recipe – the rest will be used for tomorrows dinner.

Now I need to quickly change and get ready – off to the movies! Have a lovely Saturday night loves! xo