Breakfast made with Love

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Good morning loves! How cute is this toast? I recently saw a similar bread photo on Pinterest and decided to re-create my own little toast for breakfast. Now that I can finally eat again (after the tonsil surgery), I try to enjoy weekend breakfasts even more – you know it’s my favorite meal of the day. Really though, it usually turns out to be a brunch. This weekend I served a heart-toast, one with avoado and my new favorite morning drink; a matcha latte. I don’t know how I missed out on this matcha the whole of last year – I swear I had tried it earlier but really must have messed it up (or so my memories tell me).

I think this little breakfast is also the perfect surprise for a loved one – be it the partner, family members, best friends, or anyone dear. And speaking of loved ones, I think it’s a great little surprise for the upcoming Valentines Day – and it takes no effort at all. Of course it would make sense to make sure the loved one likes toast. And egg – but you get the idea I’m after. Speaking of Valentines – I hear so many opinions and have had so many debates. Numerous couples ignore the day because its “just like any other” – but (usually the girls) complain they didnt get anything. Some fully work it like their lives depend on it (does it, really?) and others, well they hate it because they aint in a relationship (or so I assume, usually). With February right around the corner, and thus Valentines, I have had this conversation over and over in my friends-circle. I came to the conclusion that I do like the day – I like having those little life excuses to give a little extra portion of love, but I don’t think people should reduce it to that day in the year. Nor make it the most special love-day of the year – because really – I feel blessed daily to have my loved ones around me (or reachable via phone). And with loved ones I include everyone dear to me – my closest friends, relationships and family members. With so much negativity going on in this world, I wish everyone would celebrate Valentines day – just imagine a day of peace and love. Without wanting to sound like a hippie.

Either way – I’m off to starting a super busy week (which I will throw out there in parts via snapchat – @stylephantom). Have a lovely Monday! xo


World Cuddle Day

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Happy Cuddle Day! Yep, this is an official day in the year and one I really do appreciate – so here goes an online cuddle to all of you! I am officially back at the office today and I swear I have never been happier to work. Having been stuck at home for the past two weeks, not being allowed to do any fun activities, really killed me. Procrastination had hit a new level and in the end I did nothing but count the hours a day had left only to go back to bed. Finally that time is over – yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if I start complaining about not having enough free-time soon again. I still need to keep low on most activities, cannot go out, surely cannot do any sports for another two weeks and am still a little restricted in regards to eating and drinking (no alcohol, no super warm, spicy or acidic dishes, etc). Thankfully, one can only get the tonsils out once in a lifetime – so never again for me!

My work days will start off busy again. I have three meetings scheduled for today, will meet a friend over coffee after dinner and have lunch meetings coming up tomorrow and Monday as well. Next week I’ll be a two-day conference here in Zurich, will have business dinners at least twice and general meetings – though that is exactly why I love my job. I am still trying to figure out my year in terms of travel plans, though hopefully I will know more at the end of next week. Once that is settled, I can plan my personal vacation time as well. Now though, before I start rambling on about nonsense, I wish you all a wonderful World Cuddle Day – there’s no better excuse to cuddle a loved one just once more today. xo

ps. I’ll show you better pictures of this amazing new knit sweater soon!


Leather Trousers

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Hello loves! Time flies right now again – and at the same time, it doesn’t seem to move a bit. Have any of you ever felt this way? As you might know I got my tonsils removed 10 days ago. It’s already been 10 days, but then again only 10 days. I started bleeding again on Monday so I had to go back to hospital for two nights. I am still far from being fully recovered but it surely is going better now. Yesterday I finally left the house to go a little shopping now that all is on sale. It didn’t last all too long though, as I am still quite weak I noticed. Anyhow – no one likes reading complaints :)

I wanted to share a few photos with you of my favorite black leather trousers. They are the most comfortable pants ever, and still have that certain cool-factor to them due to the faux leather fabric and the sweatpants-look. I ordered them already a while ago at minimum – a danish company. They have similar ones actually on sale now, here! The long-sleeved shirt is from Zara and the sneakers are from Nike. The outfit is one of my favorites when I have that certain laid-back mood – and it almost reminds me of the Yeezus style. Pretty sure that Kayne would have approved as well.

Oh, and I did finally cut my hair. It doesn’t seem to be a lot to many and I doubt everyone notices the change but I did actually cut a full on 12cm. Like seriously, 12cm. Yes, I find it quite brave myself. I am still not a hundred percent familiar with the lenght and want to try out some new styles with it. I’ll try playing around with it as I am surely stuck with the length for a couple more weeks now. And quite frankly, I actually like having that extra hint of volume when waking up. What do you think of this messy, semi-wavy look? xo



Planning 2016

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Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely start into 2016 and will continue to rock it! My NYE was amazingly peaceful, at home on the couch with a special someone and I for once did not have to worry about pleasing anyone with food recipes, cocktails, outfits or partying. It enabled me to start the new year on a quiet note and gave me the opportunity to actually be productive within the first days of January. This is rather rare as the past years have been a little more hectic, involved parties or definelty much longer nights and as most of you probably, it meant I was dead the next day.

The first weekend of the new year started with me trying to figure out my agenda for 2016. Yes, that is for the full year. Obviously I have not finished it all, but I have a quite good understanding of where I need to be at what times (speaking of family celebrations and round birthdays coming up). Some of my business trips are already sorted out and I think at the end of this month I will have an even better understanding of any larger upcoming trips. This enables me to plan my private time more, as with studies still going on this year and all other things, friends and loved ones can easily fall behind if I don’t plan well. Luckily, I am a huge lover of planning and also spontaneous when the timing matches.

As you might remember I mentioned wanting to plan ahead a bit more in regards to the blog. I’ve done exactly that. No, I have not planned every post for this upcoming year (is that even possible?), but I have already picked out important dates for certain categories and will try and bring a little more structure into it. With all these little dates and plans, I really only hope that I actually manage it all. I tend to trying to be a perfectionist and often get moody if I don’t achieve everything. There goes another resolution: I need to let things flow, take them as they come and not panic if I don’t manage something perfectly in time (given that I have the possibility to be flexible). Next up I want to try and set some dates for vacations this year – I really want to travel more! Any suggestions of what’s a must-see this year?

Whilst trying to plan my 2016, one of my Christmas presents I received from my parents came in perfect timing. I received a new Mont Blanc (Meisterstück), which I must admit – is a heaven to write with. It flows so easily over the paper that it almost becomes fun. In general, I find that writing by hand relaxing from time to time and see that most people do it less and less. I have sworn myself to write Holiday and Birthday cards to all special people in my life – and have done it the past years. Who doesn’t love receiving a card on their special day, or a sweet postcard on a random note? I always get excited when opening the mail and not receiving a bill for once in a while.

With that, I’ll turn to continuing my structuring of 2016 today. I have quite a busy day ahead in the office and need to get quite a bit done before I get my tonsils taken out tomorrow morning. Wohoo – isn’t that exciting! I really wish I had done it earlier and would be done and over with it now. Lessen learnt, I’ll have them removed when I’m younger in my next life! With that, I wish you a wonderful rest of the week. xo

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