Gold Standards

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Let’s speak gold for a minute. I love gold – mostly when it comes to my jewellery though. I used to only wear silver when I was younger, and although I still wear one ring and earrings from time to time, I have almost switched all to gold. It’s a gold standard, they say. There is something ultimately pure about it, so chic, and so delicate when wearing small items.

Although I have those rather chunky rings (from my grandmother and great-grandmother), I am getting to a point were I prefer the small, delicate statements. Nevertheless, a statement is always good. That is why I love the Kenzo tiger necklace (number 2), or the personalised necklace (number 3). I love those special gifts that are personalised, that not only show the love of the giver, but they are usually keepers. Or there are those love rings or love bracelets from Cartier (numbers 8 and 9) – that most likely any women would die over. Yet, that is one piece to receive as the ultimate love-gift, rather than going shopping by oneself. I don’t mind investing into classics (number 11), as they never go out of fashion. If you don’t like them tomorrow, wait a few days, months or years, and you will love them again. Which is why I am eyeing with a pair of Chanel earrings :’).

What are your favourite pieces? Wishing you a great Tuesday! xo

Bean salad with pears

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Happy Wednesday loves! I finally have a new post with you that isn’t filled with iPhone photos. Last night I made a bean salad with pears – a family recipe that we’ve been doing for years. I love, love, love salads of all kinds in summer and when I saw the beans the other day at the supermarket I couldn’t resist but buy them to make a different kind of salad for the evening.


Here is what you need for the salad

500g of fresh beans
1 onion
a handful of cherry tomatoes
2 pears

and this is what you need for the salad dressing

¼ of the previously mentioned onion
1 teaspoon vegetable broth
hot mustard
lemon juice
agave syrup


Preparing the salad

1) cut the ends off the beans, wash them and place them in the pot to steam them (for about 20 minutes)
2) quarter the tomatoes, cut the pears and onion

Making the salad dressing

1) boil some water
2) place a teaspoon of vegetable broth in a shot glass (or similar size) and fill it with boiling water
3) place about ¼ of the onion into a small bowl and top it with the hot vegetable broth
4) add about 1 tablespoon hot mustard (or less if you do not like it spicy), as well as 1 teaspoon of agave syrup
5) mix up everything and add in about 1 tablespoon of balsamico – now taste the dressing, and add some fresh lemon juice until you find your perfect taste of it

Once the beans are ready and cooked

1) pour off the water
2) rinse the beans with ice-cold water and let them cool off for a while (let’s give them 15 minutes)
3) place them in a large bowl and add the ¾ left onion, the cut pears and tomatoes
4) now it’s time to add the dressing – and mix it well

I would let it sit for another 15 minutes, then stir the whole salad once more and give it another short sit. The lonoger you wait (1-2 hours), the better it will taste.

Voila – now it’s time to serve the salad with whatever pleases you most. The salad was made for two this evening, though we have another portion which can be eaten tomorrow. The salad will last you a couple of days if placed in the fridge, though I personally only eat things for (max.) 2 days in a row.

As you can see in my last post (sorry – it got a little dark then), I’ve added some meat to the dinner. It always gives me this extra bit of satisfaction when it comes to food.

Now it’s your time! Have you made bean salad before, or do you have different ingredients to it? Wishing you all a lovely continuing day. xo





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Happy Monday! As you might remember, my schedule is still super full until Wednesday night. Ok, actually the whole week – but it I am officially on uni-holiday from Thursday on. Cannot wait. :) However, I wanted to quickly jump-on in and say hi to all of you. I’ve had a delicious lunch today (as per the above photo) with one of my old friends that I’ve known for quite a few years. I love catching up with him, and although our lives continue and we do shoot into different directions here and there, it is always great to see what they are up to. I surely loved it. We went to Paddy Reilly’s in Zürich and I absolutely love their King-Prawn salad, it’s a must-try for all those that love seafood in combination with a salad (typical summer).

Coming home, I found a wonderful surprise waiting for me in the mailbox. I got a postcard from my bestie, who decided to just write how much she loves me – aww :’). And I have so much love for her! I love opening my mailbox and not receiving any invoices or mail that can immediately go into my trash. It’s these little things in life that one should appreciate – so many people come and go in our lives it’s incredible. But I’ve learnt that some of them are meant to be in your life and I won’t let go anytime soon (ever, really!).

Now I’ll continue with my final essay due Wednesday and hopefully find the right words for that introduction and conclusion paragraph that are still outstanding. Is it just me, or is that always the hardest part? Anyways – I hope you’ve all had a great start into the week and wishing you a lovely night. xo


In thoughts

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It’s too hot! I really don’t like to complain, but it’s utterly too hot right now. We are having 36°C and more today, and our office has no air conditioning. Can you imagine? If it continues like that I can swim in my own sweat :-) So as you know I’ve been quite busy lately – now I am in thoughts (that photo though..). I have so many things I want to do, so many projects I want to start and it only really just overwhelms me  a little. I think I’ll have to sit down sometime next week (when the uni stress is over for a bit) and make a plan of all the things I want to do and work on. What are you interested in seeing or hearing about? I have the feeling I’ve missed out on quite a bit the past weeks so I would love to hear some thoughts from you guys!

Now I’ll just pretend that I’m at some beach, holding a lovely drink and enjoying the breeze of the ocean! xo

Summer Tatt’s

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It’s summer and all I do is partayy! Of course I’m kidding – as much as I would love to constantly be running from pool party to pool party, the reality looks quite a bit different. Work and uni are steady and need lots of input, yet, the weekends are fully mine. I’ve been going to summer parties here in Zurich the past weeks, every weekend and really loving it. Now, if I have noticed one thing we cannot miss out on this summer, it’s the shiny summer tattoos. Both silver and gold tattoos are now part of my collection for these hot summer days, though I (of course) love myself some more gold.

Now this really shouldn’t be an excuse, but – can summer be one when it comes to dragging here on the blog? I know I owe you guys quite a few updates and more regular content, so I will try my best. Hold on and bare with me (and excuse the iPhone photo quality), as these past weeks and upcoming 2 are quite full in my agenda! Have a lovely week, xo