Avocado, all day err’day

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Today’s been a really busy day – I was at the office the whole day, had my dinner, need to pack still for leaving to Germany tomorrow, and finish off my Wednesdays’ essay until midnight. Fingers crossed that it’ll turn out well! But let’s talk about my love:

My love for avocado – when it comes to food – is indescribable. I’m back into my lovely routine, were I eat ½ an avocado either every morning or evening. This time I put some avocado on rice crips (cracker?), added a slice of ham (chicken) and added a strawberry – which is usually my breakfast. Since breakfast is my fav’ meal of the day, I love having it for dinner again. Really wouldn’t mind it for lunch either, and snacks while we’re at it. Can I just have a breakfast for every meal of the day – pretty please? As I couldn’t resist to have another breakfast, I had it again for dinner – this time with a side salad topped off with some fresh berries.

And as previously mentioned – I am still busy for the rest of the night with typing up the essay and packing for tomorrow. Hence – I’ll need to concentrate on those things again. I’ll surely try updating over the weekend – planning on taking some pictures in Germany and sharing these with you on the go! Till then, I wish you a great continuing week! xo



Motivational Shopping

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Happy Monday! I just finished my short HIIT workout session at home – I admit, it really takes inner convincing to wake up on a Monday morning and actually work out before even eating breakfast. Ah, my beloved breakfast.. :-) But it is all the more fun when you have some new shoes to work out in. Last Monday my inner self persuaded me into some online shopping activities. I found these Nikes and fell in love – not only with these though, but also with another pair (Air Max) – and, as destiny had it chosen for me, I found a third pair the following day. Whoops. Now my closet is richer by 3 new pairs – I am guily, yet in love! I also got this great pink yoga matt, as well as a new pair of workout shorts. Now that I have all these lovely items I obviously cannot back off from my freshly found morning routine.

I only started the full workout two weeks ago, since I hadn’t done much since surgery. Ahh – it takes so much motivation to continue. Yet, I always feel better and full of energy after my morning session. What do you do for your motivation? I surely can’t shop a new pair of shoes or clothes every week. Ok, I do need a few more shirts – so that might be a reason but I really cannot pull that one through for too long.

This weeks starts off busy again – I just finished my breakfast and need to sprint to the office soon. I have one meeting and quite a few calls scheduled for today. Tuesday and Wednesday will be similar – and the uni stuff in the evening. Thursday I’ll drive down to Düsseldorf, and Saturday we (family) are continuing to Norden (city in Germany), where we will be celebrating my grandpa’s 70th birthday. So excited to see the whole family again! Although I’ll only be staying a few days I’m already planning my outfits and I can see myself arriving with a huge suitcase. However – my parents are used to it by now. I think. :-)

Oh, and yesterday the summer offically started! Woot! Now I am praying that the weather will actually comply and that the rain will stop. It’s been horrible the past days. However, for now, I wish you all a great Monday and start into the new week! xo




Burgers & Hip Hop Zurich Edition #1

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Now, anyone out there doesn’t like a good burger or good music? How about the combination of both? You heard it – Burgers meet Hip Hop in Zurich this upcoming Saturday on June 20, 2015! Honestly, I’m loving the idea of some good music and something to fill my stomach in between. Isn’t it usually the case when you go out and party that you suddenly crave some food, or is that just me? And let’s be honest, I barely ever crave a healthy leaf bowl of salad, but instead, want something slightly greasy, something that satisfies all tastes at once and keeps me full for the rest of the night.

With that, Burgers & Hip Hop is perfect for it. This concept isn’t all too new as I had earlier thought – in fact, this party takes place every 7-8 weeks in Berlin now since more or less a whole year now. Who knew? Not only that, but it seems to be THE party. Looks like I missed out in the past! However, I shall be going this Saturday and wanted to share the event with you – will I see any of you there? :-)

Here is a PDF with all the information about the event – BHH_ZH_PRESS! However, since the PDF is in German, here are the main facts in English:

Date: June 20, 2015
Starting time: 2pm 
Entry: 5 CHF after 2pm (without entry) and 20 CHF for the afterparty (after 10pm). 

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/998233540210667/
Exil Event: http://exil.cl/programm/detail/33772

The DJ Line Up is found on the PDF as well as the facebook page.

Really hoping to meeting some of you there! xo

Julia Luka Lila Nitzschke-140



PS. these photos have been provided by the event host.


Chipotle Summer Salad

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Chipotle! Oh, it’s when I hear that word I already start drewling and simultaneously digging up my memories from San Diego & LA from three years ago. Time passes way too quickly – really in the mood for flying over to LA again, to explore some more of that city and eat myself through all the wonderful restaurants and coffee houses. But I don’t want to dwell in the past, so instead, I’ve made my own chipotle salad the other day – warning; deliciousness has the potential to overwhelm!



What you see here in one bambus bowl, is actually a recipe for two hungry people – I got so into the whole decoration that I made way too much to possibly eat and so packed the rest for the next day (lunch).

What you see here are some delicious layers of

1) cooked wild rice (cooled down)
2) about 200g of minced beef
(pre-cooked with salt, pepper, and lots of chili & fresh herbs – depending on preference)
3) ½ of a small lettuce head
4) 1 small can of red beans
5) 1 small can of pre-cooked corn
6) homemade guacamole
(1 ripe avocado smashed, juice of ½ lemon, pepper, salt, chili as per taste)
7) a handful of mixed cherry tomatoes 

Voila! The dish is made super, super fast since all you need to do is pre-cook the rice (I thank my rice-cooking machine) and the meat. Upon preference, one can have both of these ingredients warm when making the salad, yet I preferred everything cooled down as we had a heat-wave running over Zurich and on those days there is nothing better than a cold salad in my mind. Also, once cooled down the dish is perfect for taking to work (or school) or even keeping it for the next night.

My next add-on: roll it up! I imagine the above ingredients fitting perfectly into a burrito and thus making a chipotle burrito to either eat at home or when on-the-go. I’ll definetly try that idea soon with some glutenfree homemade burritos soon!

With that – I wish you all a great Sunday and happy cooking! xo




Why and How to Stay Hydrated

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Water. You would think there is nothing special about it, yet, it is the one thing our bodies cannot live without. I admit, I barely used to drink water – yes, a glass here and there but I was a sucker for Coke Zero and all other “calorie free” soft drinks. Several months ago, I stopped all of it. I completely live off of water now (and the occasional alcohol, which I am not counting to satisfy my thirst).

Hydration is the most important thing, especially now that summer (in Zurich) is coming up and we already experienced our first heat wave. Over 70% of the world is covered in water, each organism needs it to survive, and we as humans, are basically made up of water. Everything we touch (except for plastic, maybe) needs water or has been produced using it. So here are a few tip to making sure that you always stay hydrated and why water is the best method to do so.

1) It’s cheap – literally, almost free. Depending on what country you live in and if you have access to fresh water from the tap – it barely costs a thing. Here in Switzerland I am fortunate enough to being able to drink tap water. Think about it: no more carrying pounds or kilos of soft drinks! If you’re not too sure about the tap water, there are quite cheap filters out there, which enable you to drink the tap water without any concerns.

2) It keeps you hunger in limits. You have probably heard and read it often enough, but I try and remind myself daily. It’s usually that time between my main meals when suddenly, out of no where, my stomach starts to grumble. I used to think I was hungy – again! How wrong I was, often times, if not almost always, the body will scream for hydration and unfortunately we often interpret it with us being hungry. So the next time your stomach grumbles and you seem confused because you should still be full – drink, drink drink! It will work wonders.

3) Always have water with you. This is probably the most important thing, especially now in summer. How often have I run errands in the city or elsewhere, suddenly super thirsty and grabbing a cool, chill Coke. Well, not the healthiest choice and really not the best drink to hydrate the body. Instead, make sure to always carry a small water bottle with you. The only time you might not be able to, is when you go out clubbing.

4) Speaking of clubbing – do not forget to drink a glass of water or even two, when having alcoholic drinks. I always make sure to ask the bartender to hand me a glass of tap water with my drinks for me to get enough water. Another plus point – the alcohol doesn’t get to you as fast and you drink a little less of it. Most importantly though, drink lots of water when returning home. I try to drink half a liter of water before jumping into bed – it really helps avoiding that possible hangover.

5) Make it tasty! I always hear (and was the same) that water is boring, plain, tastless,.. you name it! Okay, I’ve gotten to the point were I am “used” to it and really don’t mind the missing taste. If you think about it, it’s rather great because you don’t feel the urge and need to put more sweets into your mouth. Yet, tasty water is always great in summer. Try adding fruit or vegetables to your water – fruit infused water, it seems to be the IT thing to do at the moment. And of course, I admit to doing it daily too. I especially love adding the combination on my photos: lime, cucumber and mint. It is an amazing combination and the mint really comes out great (make sure to hold the mint in your hands and clap your hands to “slap” the leaves – it brings out the flavor so well!).

Now, I hope these few tips helped you if you don’t already indulge in your daily 1.5-3 liters of water. I don’t really count on how much I drink, yet always try to re-fill up my 0.5L bottle at least 2 times a day (making it 1.5L) – now in the summer I usually fill it up 3-4 times even.

What’s your favorite water-combo, do you have one? Let me know and I’ll make sure to try it out! xo