DIY Easter Egg Decoration

Good morning lovies! It is Monday and quite frankly I am really happy about that – yep, I am happy to go to work this early morning. As much as I love vacation, I really do enjoy my job and I am looking forward to seeing my colleagues again and writing all my emails. Am I sick? Haha, most likely! But really, what is it with people hating Mondays so much? I do agree that the weekends are almost always too short, and I really am not a morning person (ie. complain daily that I would need to sleep in some more), but I still enjoy what I do for a living and I believe that truly is the most important thing. I couldn’t imagine waking up to a job that I have to spend my whole day at, one that I spend more time at then seeing my loved ones and then not liking what I do. That is my worst nightmare in regards to working!

Anyway, now that the family arrived yesterday and we will be spending Easter together at my place, I really had to step up my game in regards to easter decorations. I’ve been blowing out eggs (sounds so wrong?!) the past weeks and days every time I made myself an omelette or something similar to have enough eggs at the end to decorate. Speaking of eggs – does anyone know why it is even eggs we hide, we color and we see everywhere? As far as I am concerned the bunny surely doesn’t lay them. Ok, this bothers me now – I will need to google that later today!

So for my easter egg decorations I decided to go all white, modern and copper this year. I have white porcelain bunnies all over the apartment – you probably now think I am a freak. And I stand to it, I absolutely do – I love my bunnies haha. :-) My mom actually brought me two more so now I really do have enough in the living room. I might just bring those two into my bedroom for some easter feeling in there.

I decided on spraying my easter eggs in  a copper, metallic look this year. Why? Simple! For one thing, I am not the greatest fan of the ‘traditional’ multi-colored eggs. As much as I love colors, I like things clean and not all too colorful in my apartment. Second, I love copper. I love everything that shines really and especially metal colors such as gold, silver and copper. I already broke one egg yesterday when one of the strings detached and fell down, but thankfully all others were fine. If the others don’t break I might actually keep these for next year – store them in one of those egg containers. :-) Anyone else so excited for easter? I still need to fully decide on recipes now but I have picked out some already for the upcoming days.

Now I need to sprint to work – I’ve got quite the catching up to do now that I’ve been on vacation one whole week. I will only have today really, as tomorrow I’ve got the surgery during the day and will be less active in regards to typing in the upcoming days. Ugh, I am really not looking forward to this – crossing fingers that everything works out! I’ll surely keep you updated, though I might only write a line or two in the upcoming days! Till then – smile, enjoy your Monday and kick-start the week like no other! xo






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Good morning lovies and a happy Sunday! Did you all change the clock last night? Yes – it is officially summer time again and we can stay up one hour longer (or so I pretend)!

I am officially back home in cold, cold Zurich (so much for the summer time … ugh!). I arrived yesterday early afternoon and – as much as I love traveling and being abroad – I am so glad to be home again. Home means my bed, my pillows, my food, my cooking, my lazy Sunday. Yup, I am so glad to be home again, no matter how much I enjoyed the week off. And I really did – I loved it! We (my bestie and I) didn’t sleep in too much, as we went diving everyday except Wednesday and Friday, which always started at 8 am – too early! But it’s so much fun – I would’ve never imagined it to be so calming to dive. The weather really got me spoiled though – we had around 34°C daily and still 28°C at night – I lived in my bikini and the wetsuit when diving. It was magical!

Now that I am back in grey, rainy Zurich, I already miss Oman! Oh, how warm it was! It is freezing here and I’ve been wearing a sweater ever since I got home, trying to acclimatize myself to these temperatures. Sadly, the outlook for the upcoming week isn’t any better :-( .. rain, rain, rain! I am crossing fingers that it will be nicer next weekend for Easter! Have you gotten prepared everything already in regards to decorations? I will be working on my last decorations more or less today – DIY time it is!

The family is coming today (mom, dad, sis & dog) and I will have them all here for the next 10 days  – so nice! We will be spending easter at my place this year – now that I’ve finally got the space – and so the decoration needs to be done! I need to plan and pre-organize most of it until tomorrow, Monday, night as I will be going for surgery on Tuesday – oh, I really don’t want to! They will cut open my right wrist and fix some stuff there as I keep on having problems with my tendons – worst part: I am right-handed! Goodbye using my right hand for the upcoming weeks it seems! I am crossing fingers however, that I will be able to semi-type, either well with left only or at least a little with the right (work is waiting, the blog needs updates and uni assignments will be due). Have any of you had surgery on your wrist before? Luckily I will be out in the evening and do not need to stay overnight. The surgery itself will only last an hour as well, but until I am fully awake again and everything is ready it will be evening. Ugh, I am seriously shitting myself! Wednesday I will go back to get it checked once more and then soon physiotherapy starts – joy!

Anyway, now that I finally have full on internet again I will be able to show you more of the pictures I took in Oman – so excited to share! For today I will be “only” sharing my photos, which some of you might have already seen on Instagram. – which is, by the way, one of my social media apps I try updating daily!

I shall now continue snuggling into my blanket, have my overnight oats I made last night (will share recipe soon!), finish some last easter decorations and inspire myself with recipes to cook for next week before the family comes later today. Wishing you a wonderful lazy and relaxed Sunday! xo










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Happy Tanning in Oman

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Hello my loves! I missed writing – I really did! The internet is killing here – it basically does not exist and trying to upload a photo takes forever (given that I am so not patient with this kind of stuff!). However, I have managed to at least upload a few from the private hotel beach we went on our first day.

We arrived Friday midnight and enjoyed our first day (Saturday) mostly at the beach and the pool. It feels so good to wake up with no less than 26°C and it is even more amazing to have around 32°C. I cannot believe I survived the winter with minus degrees ever so often – sadly, I will have to fly back again Saturday early morning. However, until then I still have some days left to soak in as much sun as possible. Funnily enough, I have barely tanned at all so far. I started my tanning sessions already a bit in Zurich as I really did not want to show up completely pale in my bikinis – and honestly, I barely wear bikinis here at all. The past two days we have been going on two dives in the morning. Starting at 8, we actually had to always get up at 7am already – which is one of the bad side effects of diving .. I am really not a morning person before 9am :-) However, it is great to get up and have a huge buffet to choose from for breakfast. I have an omelette daily, mixed with some slices of ham and fruit every morning, some for lunch and then of course as a small dessert in the evening.

Diving is a blast as well! As you might remember, I only just got my Open Water Diving (OWD) license 4 weeks ago – I actually started with the dry divers suit in Zurich and have never been in open water as thus this far. However, after going down to the first dive I was amazed – it is almost easier I would say to dive in salt water rather than in the lakes. It completely calms me down. We usually arrive at 9am at our destination (changing daily) and then dive for more or less 1 hour. We than take an hour break on the boat in a nice little bay in the sun, go swimming from time to time and then go out for another one hour dive in the second destination. The only negative part here is that you always wear a wetsuit – so there is no chance of tanning really. We only get back at around 2.30/3pm and until I showered, changed and am back to the pool I normally only get one more hour of sun tanning – which hasn’t tanned me as of yet. And since I am always so exhausted after the two dives (who knew it so exhausting!) I usually fall asleep at the pool side. :-)

Tomorrow we decided to skip the two dives in the morning and instead will sleep in a bit – in the end, it still is our vacation. We will take it easy, go for walks, actually tan (or try to – cross fingers!), walk over to the other beach where there is a hud with a great fish restaurant and just relax. I will need to do some more uni stuff – which I try to do every evening but I get quickly annoyed because the internet just takes too long.

I will try and take some pictures under water and I surely will take some more of the hotel and hopefully of myself – which is difficult when only in a wetsuit all the time with the hair all over and no make up on :-)..

Stay tuned for more, I will try my best to update again as soon as possible! Wishing you all a great continuing day (I know its 3h earlier in Zurich) and a great continuing week! Have any of you been to Oman (Muscat) by the way and have any good tipps of where to go? We will be checking out the city Thursday and Friday :-) and going to a different hotel! xo

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Rivièra Maison Maastricht

Good morning loves! The weekend is officially over and I about to run off to work again – a full week ahead! I usually don’t say ‘Let the countdown for Friday begin!’ as I don’t mind the days inbetween the weekend either currently (sounds crazy, huh?). The week gives me time to stop thinking about all the things circleing in my head and thus actually gives me a break from other topics. This week however, I AM counting down to Friday. I am finally flying to Oman on Friday with my bestest friend – and I literally cannot wait for vacation to start! Finally it’s all about bikinis, sun tanning, the ocean, diving, good food and sleeping in again. I’ve waited too long it seems! Until then, however, I have lots to do. My schedule is packed every single day with meetings and whatnot. Wednesday I’ll be flying to Vienna for some meetings, which I am really looking forward to as well. Thursday, at the latest, I need to pack everything, though I will probably need to start that on Tuesday already to manage all the other tasks. I do, however, still need to work on my studies somehow. This week will be challenging as I want to get everything done as fast as possible before I fly (writing assignments and further researching). Unfortunately my studies don’t stop during vacation, as I do an online degree, though I am looking forward to not having to stress myself in the evenings with that. And of course, I will make as many photos as possible from my holiday experience to share with you!

Now: It’s all about Rivièra Maison – my favourite interior design store, ever! Last weekend, when in Maastricht, we walked into the store. We easily spent an hour in there and if it wouldn’t have been for some of the family members and the bypassing time, I could have spent the whole day in there – daydreaming about my future house. I love the designs like no other. It gives me an instant feeling of being at home, of vacation, of summer, of love. I love the Scandinavian touch it all has, the wooden and earthy tones that are found everywhere and the small decoration details that make every room look so perfect. I swear I could buy almost the whole store – if only I had the space and money *sigh. I couldn’t resist buying myself a round mirror to hang up (tied to a thick rope) and small other stuff. My apartment screams decoration maniac by now but I admit there is no way to resisting it.

I can only call my place my home if I feel comfortable. Slowly but surely, my goal is to one day have everything in that summery, light, warm-feeling, with love filled, Scandinavian flair at home. Even better, I want to build my home house one day, design and choose everything from that amazing wooden floor to the integrated sound system. Big dream? Well, you’ve got to dream big to achieve it they say. Till then! xo










Let’s go back 10 years

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Anyone else out there that loves these old songs from almost ten years ago? I remember this songs from when it came out in 2008 and I was so, so upsessed with it that until today, I know the lyrics by heart and still have those emotional moments were I dig it up to listen to. Tonight is actually one of those nights – Friday night: the week has been exhausting, there are so many things that have been discussed, are being discussed and probably some things will never find an end. Looking at the bright side of life though: it’s finally Friday evening!

I just finished my last emails after spending the whole day in Geneva. Now it’s time to finally lie down on the couch, stretch out as far as possible, be as lazy as one can be and fill the room with music from the 90’s up to early 2008! Wishing you all a great start to the weekend! xo