Delayed Oscars on a Friday

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Happy Friday Lovelies! Finally, finally, I am lying on my sofa and can fully relax – I have been waiting for this the whole week! It’s been such a busy day today again, emails overflowing my inbox from all sides and continents possible. However – I always prefer busy days over absolute boring days. Now that I have not had the chance to watch the Oscars 2015 yet – so sad! – I have finally decided to plant myself in front of my new mac and just enjoy the Oscars. Oh, and the Swiss Music Awards are also on tonight! I must admit that I am not really watching them intensely, however I do have them on in the background (without voice) to always check a little what is going on there. Wishing you all a fun Friday night! xo

Batteries loading…

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I miss you! I missed writing and I miss communicating through my blog. This week has been abnormally full – you might have noticed, I’ve been gone almost a week. For some it might not matter, maybe it hasn’t been missed either, but I surely, absolutely missed it. My days are super packed currently – which is why I call it a state of were my own batteries are loading.. I’ve been in Zurich all week but working on my schedule for the next upcoming weeks – couple of months, even. I will be in London next week for a couple of days (yay!), then in Germany at the end of next week to see my family (and go to the hairdresser), back in Zurich and Geneva the week after, in Vienna the week after that and then straight off into vacation. So, so, so excited about it – stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about it super soon! I’ll also try my best to keep up the blogging and hopefully I’ll be able to shoot some pictures here and there.

Another highlight for me has been the past weekend: I am officially an Open Water Diver (PADI – yea!). I’ve been doing the theory and practical in the past 3 weeks with my instructor and my buddy, whom I met at the diving school. It’s been absolutely fantastic! I’ve not only received the OWD but also the Dry Diving Suit license – meaning, I can swim in majorly freezing waters. Ok, maybe not majorly freezing ones, but I have been in the lake. The. Zurich. Lake. It was absolutely cold! The dry diving suit itself kept me warm so I wasn’t even cold on my body as such. However, we had to practice taking off our goggles and my hands and feet were dying of coldness after about 20-30 minutes. It is, in the end, something you get used to. The second day was much better than the first day – even though the Zurich lake was only 4°C! Below (and above) is actually a photo one of the diving buddies took – here is a link to her website with her photos (thank you!).

I’m really looking forward to the weekend. I haven’t been able to sleep in once in the past three weeks, so I will be in bed hopefully all weekend :-). I will most likely see a friend over the weekend too and I really shouldn’t forget my studies, but other than that I shall be keeping it low and lazy. Now I’m actually, literally, stuck on the couch – watching GNTM, yup, you heard me right. I used to watch it when I was younger, then stopped a couple of years and now I really enjoy seeing it again from time to time on my Thursday nights! Do any of you watch it, too? And then im off to bed – finally! Gd’night xo



Web Wants 02 2015

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Happy FriYAY! Yep, the week has gone by already – once again! It’s been a really busy week so far – actually, I have the feeling it’s still the beginning. My weekend isn’t much different scheduling wise: I will be diving tomorrow and Sunday, need to get up early on both days, have to write some texts on tonight, Saturday and Sunday, have guests coming on Monday (so need to clean!) and will be going out a club this Saturday with one of my girls here in Zurich. As much as I’m looking forward to each and every part of the weekend (except for cleaning..), I doubt I’ll be getting any sleep – I surely won’t get to sleep in. I haven’t slept in for weeks now and I swear, it kills me. I love sleep – so being deprived from one of my favourite activities might make me a little moody from time to time.

Hopefully everything will go well with my last dive on Sunday – going into the lake tomorrow and Sunday (brrr…)! Upon completion of the course I can finally call myself a PADI Open Water Diver – looking forward to it! With that, of course, I am super excited for my holiday coming up now in March. Obviously, I have been searching the Internet for adequate outfits already – believe it or not, I am short on everything that has to do with hot temperatures. It only shows how little I have been at the beach in the past two years – so depressing!

Here are some of my current favourites from River Island, which I have been love-eyeing with. What do you think? With hot temperatures I always think of a nice tan, bikinis in floral prints and pastel colours (so fresh!), a large summer hat, some footwear and of course: sunglasses! I decided on buying one or two “cheaper” kinds, as I do not want my other sunnies to get ruined by the salt water and sand. I am now off to lunch with a friend and then I’ll be back at the desk – oh so fun!  xo

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Mondays Smile

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Good morning and happy Monday morning! I hope you all survived Valentine’s Day and enjoyed the day highlighting love in every way possible. I myself was actually quite busy and didn’t have any time to really enjoy nor relax this weekend. However, Valentine’s did arrive for me! I received an anonymous set of 12 amazingly pretty, red roses! In the end they of course did not stay anonymous, but it absolutely made my day on Friday. If you haven’t seen the flowers yet – they are on my Instagram account @laurananette, so beautiful!

My Valentine’s Day started at 9.00am in the pool in a full body dry diving suit. I passed my theory test Friday evening and went straight to practicing under water both Saturday and Sunday – it is so fun! I still cannot get over the fact that you stay absolutely dry under the suit – I was wearing normal sports clothes and was dry after 4,5h in the pool. How cool is that, please? However I was quite exhausted when getting back home both days at around 1.30pm. Sunday in the pool went even better than Saturday and our teacher said we are ready for the open water! Ok, not quite as open as the ocean yet, but with the dry diving suit we will be going into the lake next weekend! Although I am quite excited to see what everything looks like in the lake (supposedly very pretty!) – I’m super afraid of getting cold. The suit is supposed to keep me dry and warm but, just think about it: the lake has a current temperature of 4°C! That is freeziiiiing.. brrr :-( I’ll definitely update you on that went though!

I am now on the train on my way from Zurich to Geneva for meetings all day today and tomorrow. I’ll be staying in a hotel tonight so I’m quite happy to not have to go back and forth on one day. It does take the stress away a bit. I won’t be able to sleep in though, nor enjoy a rather large breakfast tomorrow as the first meeting is quite early! I’ll then get back to Zurich tomorrow evening (probably quite late) to go see the doctors on Wednesday and then continue work at the office again. Doctors.., eh. I have an infection in my tendon on my right wrist – and you might imagine, being a right-handed, that isn’t the most fun activity to go through. I’ve had it too often though in the past months so I’m getting everything checked now by specialists. Let’s cross fingers that she allows me to keep on typing!

The pictures below, to add a sentence to them, are of me wearing the lovely Swarovski earrings I received from my best friend a couple of weeks ago! I love how they are gold and work with basically all my other jewelry. I used to only wear silver all my years but that has completely changed in the past 2-3 years and now I absolutely love and prefer gold :-).




Banana Bread Breakfasts

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Happy Friday! Ahh… the week has gone by so fast – almost too fast! I still have so many things on my agenda to finish and it doesn’t look like I’ll finish by tonight. In fact,  I am packed until Sunday evening. Only to start off to a new week on Monday. Especially on busy days like these I am a true believer in having great breakfasts. In the morning I always have the feeling I need to get as many vitamins and nutritions as possible to kick-start the day off in the best way possible.

This morning I started my day with some workouts – it feels so good! I admit I am not the biggest fan of working out in the morning right after waking up. In general, I am not the biggest morning person until I have had my breakfast – then it’s all fine again. :-) If I don’t do my workouts in the morning though, I don’t do it at all it seems. I don’t really have the time over lunch (especially if lunch meetings intervene) and in the evening I normally am too exhausted to work out and if I do workout, then I can’t sleep for ages. So I’ve started doing workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – finishing my third week now. Wohoo – let’s keep the motivation going (yes, clearly trying to motivate myself)!

Back to my favorite topic though: my breakfasts. I am still in love with this banana bread – especially in combination with one of my favorites, avocado, and here, an actual banana. I eat one fruit every morning, usually banana or an apple – sometimes even both. I have posted the recipe for this gluten and dairy free banana bread recently here.

My day today is packed with work, meetings, coffee (meeting too), and some personal projects in the evening after work, which I will update you about in the next days! So I don’t think I’ll come home anytime before 10 or 11pm tonight it seems. Another reason to have a great breakfast (and lunch, as I might not be able to squeeze in dinner today)! Wishing you all a great Friday for now and a great weekend to come! xo